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Interesting news.

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Interesting but hardly economical. With these pills costing nearly $40 per day the drug company's stock is up on a use as a preventive medicine that works less than 100%. I don't mind companies making a reasonable profit, that's why they are in business. But the drug makers reasonable costs compared to profits are obscene and why drug companies get to write off advertising of prescription medications to mass markets is allowed makes no sense to me.

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Wow, how many could actually afford this on a regular basis, and that is one of the fears is that it would not be taken that way. That being said, those who could afford it, and take it safely have a big decision to make. Those who can't afford it just have to hope the cose of it will decrease eventually to where they can afford it. Very controversial. JMO tho

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Yes, it is expensive, but it means new things are on the horizon. It may take a while, but when the price comes down or it eventually becomes a generic drug, it could have wide use.

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