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Yet another 7 day delay. I'm truly sorry.

C James

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The next chapter, "Anchors Aweigh", will be delayed by seven days. I'm truly sorry. I will do all I can to make this the last delay for this story.


I've been busier than hell lately, plus I absolutely have to make sure everything fits; we're nearing the end of a story that's taken me two years to write, so I don't want to screw up. What that means is I have to write bits ahead of where we're at, to make sure everything works.


Many thanks to Winstuart for the title "Anchors Aweigh." It's a good fit, I think. A better fit than what I had, which makes his suggestion more amazing; he came up with it and he hasn't seen the chapter.


And, in other chapter news, in light of events in the coming chapter, plus to help Talonrider (who helped come up with the new system), we'll be changing our chapter-numbering system. We'll be ceasing the use of Aussie maths and flipping everthing back over right side up, so chapter AUD 97 becomes chapter L6, and thus Anchors Aweigh will be chapter L7... though in light of my tardyness, L8 might be more appropriate.


Anchors Aweigh is also a larger than normal chapter, because I wanted to wrap up a lot of things.



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Why don't you officially change your cliffhanging schedule to every other week? If you're that busy, give yourself some slack. It's not like we can't wait for another cliffhanger every two weeks instead of a cliffhanger a week.


Sheesh, dude. Next thing you know you'll be trying to catch up on cliffhangers, and one should never be in a hurry near steep inclines.

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Give your self credit for two years of great writing. Some writers on the net just drop a story and never finish. I for one will sit here in front of my computer and wait until the next chapter pops up. Thanks for all you have done so far. We all know you have a life outside of writing this story.

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Posted Image ................... I already saw this coming, so I'm not surprised at all!! Posted Image On the other hand I just got back from a 3-day jaunt up at Big Bear Lake with another annual trip with my brothers. I decided to tell them about me Posted Image It went well, no one knew or suspected.
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so yer promising Gene Kelly, Debbie Reynolds, Dean Stockwell ... reunion??

its been a long time for a song and dance group


hey lets send a goat to do some bearing at the lake or see if two fencers at the Olympics is any match against a goat

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How many chapters are left....8,7,6...late last year i remember him writing there were 9 chapters left, and would end shortly. Early this year he said there were 9 chapters and it would wrapup early this spring, then delays and he said before spring was over. I'm begining to think CJ might not be too trustworthy.Posted Image


Also, My butt is sore from being on pins and needles for over 2 years now.....Posted Image

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Posted Image .......Actually I think the goat put himself in a pickle here and doesn't really no how to end it, too many twists to unfold here. I suspect we will have a few extra chapters as the goat tries to tie things together. Either that or his ego wants to make this the longest book ever!!! Posted Image
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Now, now, this isn't a cliffy!! We all know I'd never, ever do those!!!


All being well, this is the last skipped week.


@ Rknapp, it's not my fault the story is so long... if you hadn't helped Bridget escape, we wouldn't be in this mess! (Remember, it was you who added, at Rob's Marine, the extra fuel tanks to Sea Witch that let her escape...)


@ Benji :P I do know how it all ends. That was planned and partially written before the first chapter posted (for example, Arnold Bellevue's role was set up in the prologe). It has however taken far, far longer to get to the end than I thoguht. I am, however, doing all I can to keep this story under 100 chapters, as promised. So, chapter L7 will post Monday. (we stopped using Aussie maths for chapter numbering at chapter AUD97, which became L6, so the coming chapter is L7.) And Congratulations on the coming-out!!! Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image

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Posted Image ...................... Famous last words; 'All being well, this is the last skipped week'. Posted Image Thanks CJ, I came out to my daughter last night, so that is basically it for the family, except the wife whom I strongly suspected knew years ago anyways. It is something we both avoid talking about. Edited by Benji
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