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Folks, this is just a reminder:


When seeking an editor, please heed the following:


1. Post a 100 word synopsis and a 500 word excerpt to the Editors Corner.


2. In your post please state the expected word count. The title.  What you want the editor to do, (a light edit, an indepth edit, or a proofread for typo's and spelling mistakes). Also state if this work has been published elsewhere.


3. Have you planned your chapter posting dates?


4. Have you written at least two to three drafts of your chapter and corrected as many problems as you canDo not send an editor your first draft. Always send your very best effort.


5. Writing is a craft, and any craft is a skill that needs to be learned.  By your inclusion into our editing program you must be prepared to learn.  Make this a promise to yourself and abide by it.


6. Once you have an editor, you must sort out turn around times.  When do you expect the chapter to be returned to you? Always discuss a turnaround date with your editor.Please refrain from posting unedited versions of your work because your editor has not returned the work to you by discussed due date.


7. Always inform your editor if you wish to get a second editor to edit the editor's edit.  This must be discussed with your original editor. There is no harm in having a second editor.  Just ensure that your original editor does not see this as a problem.


7. Our editors are special people, they invest a lot of of time in your product, and although you may eventually sell your product to a publisher, our editors help you free of charge.  Please respect that. If you, the writer, experiences a problem with the editor, please discuss it with that editor and try to sort it out between yourselves.  If you are unable to sort it out, we will step in for you.  The same applies to any of our editors who may be experiencing problems with writers.


8.  We will not accept works that have been plagiarized. 


Have a great year folks.



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