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American Horror Story: Coven

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The latest season of the series by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk has sadly come to and end. In what I think was the best season that the series has done yet. For those who haven't seen American Horror Story its a sci/fi horror anthology series based around different aspects of a horror setting. For example the first season was centered around a murder house and the second about an asylum. But each season is kinda like mini series where each character isnt reprised and most times killed off by the end of the season. So they can start a new for the next season.


The latest season Coven this year was centered around a witch's coven in New Orleans. I dont wanna give away too many details about the season but it was great, and I would suggest to some that are looking for a good series to check out.


Lastly, has anyone hear watched it?

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Last year my roommates got really into the first season. I watched a couple episodes of the first season with them, and honestly I thought it was kinda boring. I actually fell asleep once or twice. :P I haven't watched any of the later seasons, but when I tell people I don't like that show I sometimes fear they'll shoot me for saying something so blasphemous lol. Everyone who has seen it seems to love it. 

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Depends if you love gothic American Horror, I do, so I have seen all three.


Matt, the pacing is classic American horror, more plot development and build up rather than tension or modern horror tricks. I'm not talking Hitchcock brand horror when I say classic, the show is more like Faulkner's literary horror. This is a horror movie with an actual plot and character development. There are layers of meaning, absurd realism, and twisted desires.


Plus, there's some eye candy and naked guys (alright, I am not just appreciating the show for its plot :P ):

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I'm a little behind on my DVR viewing, so no Coven spoilers, please :*)


I got hooked from the promos...I figured with Kathy Bates, Angela Bassett and Jessica Lange, how can you go wrong?  


I enjoyed the series so much I went back to the first season on Netflix....  the Murder House story was just as good as Coven. 


Haven't made it past the first Asylum episode yet...it's getting off to a slow start. Not sure yet it's worth the time.



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