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  1. Outdoors? In the summer? Don't be silly. Air Conditioning is your friend.
  2. I find that every episode of Letterkenny is good for at least two belly laughs. I enjoyed Outlander until the story moved to North Carolina and the writers started taking too many liberties with the geography. Actually, they probably did it all along, but I didn't notice until it got close to home. I still watch it, but mostly to pick the flaws...like how Frasier's Ridge is covered with Spanish Moss, a plant which only grows in subtropical areas along the coast at least 300 miles from the purported location in the Blue Ridge mountains 😬 or how they could travel by horse drawn co
  3. I went through the last series of Letterkenny in one sitting. In the middle of the final season of Vikings now. Most recent season of Fargo is next on the queue.
  4. Well crap! I logged into Netflix last night and found that there were only 3 new episodes (I was hoping for 6-8), so my Black Mirror fix only lasted a little over 3 hours last night. I've enjoyed all the stories, but my favorites were all in Season 3: "Hated in the Nation", Shut Up and Dance" and "San Junipero".
  5. Black Mirror is one of my favorites. I was really pleased this morning to learn the new series has been released. The only thing I'm not wild about is I'll be through the entire series in the next 48 hours or so, then I have to wait a year for the next round of stories 🙁.
  6. Nothing like a Griswold Christmas, but last year I did a double feature with Home Alone & Home Alone 2.
  7. I fell for the TV ads and bought a Dyson upright on sale at Best Buy several years ago. It really sucked (which is usually a good thing for vacuum cleaners) but it didn't do a very good job of cleaning dog hair from my carpets. The water tank vacuum is probably a Rainbow. The only way to get one is to have a salesman come to your home and do a demo. Back in 1980, one of my students had just started as a part time salesman and I agreed to have him come over to do the demo so he could practice his sales pitch. He vacuumed once over about a square yard of carpet and the clear wate
  8. I watched three documentaries on Sunday. One was really good, one was kind of OK and one left me feeling "why did I waste my time on that". It turned out to be more like an infomercial than a documentary, so finding a documentary film that's worth waching can be a challenge. The Full Frame Film Festival shows an outstanding selection of documentary films each year. The archive section on the website lists all the films they've shown for the past 20 years. Find something there that peaks your interest then search for it on Netflix (or other streaming video sources). Maybe you'l
  9. The guy with the tambourine looks like he's really having a lot of fun!
  10. My favorite sacred song: My favorite humorous song:
  11. I generally end up skimming (or skipping over) "stream of consciousness" narrations. I don't need to know the menu for every meal or what designer label is on the clothes the character is wearing every time they change. If it doesn't contribute to the progress of the story, leave it out.
  12. I got fiber-optic internet service installed yesterday (glass all the way to my house) and life is good.

  13. My go to cake these days is the Smitten Kitchen's recipe for Chocolate Stout Cake. I use Highland Brewing Black Mocha Stout, but any chocolaty stout should work. It's really quick to mix up.
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