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The Vanishing Act the movie; Flight 370 the book

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Gosh media capitalization already???


will it upset the victims families?

what will the authors do with the profits?



New book says missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 might have been shot down by mistake during a military operation300059-4ef949d6-ded3-11e3-9096-801fbb4e8

Flight MH370: The Mystery goes on sale today with the explosive theory, the first of doubtless many books to explore the disappearance of the missing Malaysia Airlines plane, which has confounded experts since March 8.
Written by Nigel Cawthorne, who states he may be Britain’s “most published living author” with 150 books to his name, the book canvasses the idea that the plane carrying 239 people was shot down by mistake during a US/Thai military exercise.
According to the theory, the mistake may have been covered up because authorities did not want any retaliatory attacks. Data that sent the search off in other directions - first to the Straits of Malacca and then on to the Southern Indian Ocean - was a ruse to cover up the reality, Cawthorne states in 
A movie about missing Flight MH370 is also in the works and could be in cinemas within months.
Rupesh Paul Productions is promoting The Vanishing Act, a film about the plane tragedy, among buyers at the Cannes Film Festival.
A poster for the movie promises to tell “the untold story” of the missing plane, but in an interview on Friday, the associate director of the movie, Sritama Dutta, said the only similarities between the thriller and the real-life disaster is that a plane is missing.
“It has got no similarities,” said Dutta, adding there have been so many developments with the actual case that it wouldn’t be practical to try to mirror it.
“We cannot keep up with the true facts, it’s changing every day.”
However the 90-second trailer for the film, posted to YouTube on the weekend, features a cast of terrified passengers aboard a turbulent MAS jetliner and recreates some of the dramatic scenarios that could have played out on board the ill-fated flight after takeoff.


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Whats next? the Korean Titanic? (April 16th - the 102nd anniversary + one day)



The fear in the cabin builds as the listing becomes worse. Some say they feel dizzy, that their legs are shaking. One student can be seen walking with his hands braced against the wall for balance.
“Am I really going to die?” a student asks at 8:53 a.m. April 16, less than two minutes into the video and the same time a crew member on the bridge made the ferry’s first distress call.
Over the intercom, the students were again urged not to move and to hold onto what they could. The ship’s captain and crew members later told reporters and investigators that they had thought it was safer for the passengers to stay in their cabins than to move in a panicked mass, causing the ship to list faster, or for them to jump into cold waters when the rescue ships were still far away.
At 8:57, as another announcement from the crew advised “please never move,” one student said: “Should I call Mom? Mom, this looks like the end of me.”
Some of the students in the video struggled as they try to buckle their life jackets. As the ferry lists, they joked about “final commemorative pictures” and “defying gravity” by trying to walk on the walls.


You know this is the 2nd time Titanic song was sang for a sinking ship

the last one was before it sank and this one during.



I wonder how the ppl going to make of all this before the mysteries are actually solved?


Chris pine did a train movie called Unstoppable (it was based upon a real event)



Ever wonder what would happen to a town if a train wasn't stopped??


For real a town was wiped out when the world was more concern about Korean Airplane Landing in SF


its quite different than Gene Wilder Silver Streak, his train crashed


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#MH370Movie "Plumbs New Depths of Bad Taste at Cannes"


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