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Teens React to 90's Internet Ad

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   This was funny to watch, because I started going on the internet in 1999, and the video they mock was already outdated despite only being two years old.



   The line, "The internet's not just for boys!" made me remember when the internet used to be mainly for guys back in the 90's. My other thought was, "Wow, like every white 12-year old boy had that haircut at some point circa 1996-1998. LOL."


    Also, to go with a question in the video...what was the first time you went online?


    My first memory going online was in 1996, when I was in 3rd grade. We check out a website...I'm pretty sure it was the Elkton, Maryland city webpage.


     My actual internet use started in 1999, when our family got the net and I used Go.com, the Sliders message board, and discovered the wonders of Backstreet Boys erotic fanfiction on Nifty.


     Anyway, if you guys are willing to waste 28 minutes of your life...check out the video they're referencing:


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It's amazing that these tech savvy kids didn't know that .com stood for commercial or what a modem is.  They didn't even know that AOL stood for America Online.  The one kid had a real obsession with punching people or getting punched in the face.  hehehe 


I was on Apple II in the 80s, mainly learning basic and as a word processor, but didn't get on the internet until the mid-90s.  I even remember watching similar videos made for adults, explaining how to use the internet (how embarrassing).  They did help me get started and then I began writing and posting in late 1998.  


The second video - adjust the VCR tracking for the clearest picture.  lol   The second video was just the full vid the excerpts were taken from that the current teens made fun of.  When I saw the kids in the video looking at the Wright Brothers' plane online, it made me realize that's pretty much how the kids in the first video looked at the computer age of the 1990s (scary). It was hilarious that the kids kept looking at the camera, rather than each other, since that's who they were supposed to be teaching.  I burst out laughing at the line 'I'm glad we don't have to dissect frogs, like they did in the OLD days.'  

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gosh the modern day clothing is worst than the old days

lol how many ppl can ever figure out tracking ie: like tuning one's radio signal vs auto search and lockon

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Let's all praise the magical flat screen machine that links us to everyone in the world without knowing how it works exactly :P


To the 00's kids, seriously, you guys are overly dependent on automation, if your cable connection is disrupted or you need to do a reset on your home wireless router, you are up a creek. While your cell phone can work off towers, your iPads are mostly dependent on your home network being up, unless you are paying for an additional service plan.


The 90's video is outdated for sure, but the kids seem way too simplistic.

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I remember going on the internet at school in the early 90's. We used to play a stupid game where you had to complete tasks to move along a forest path to get to grandma's house!  :sleep:


I also remember the AOL disks coming the post, they made great coasters  :P

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