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  1. These last few months have been... crazy. Back for good? I hope so.

  2. sometimes, i like to dance around to embarrassing music whilst fully believing im fit.

    1. Ashi


      Hey! Never!!!! How are you?

  3. when you said productive, i didnt think you meant babysitting ducks
  4. I can reassure you that we got utterly lynched by customers for it And I like horses too
  5. at first i thought i found this advert uncomfortable because im english, and awkward is what we do. ive changed my mind. its just terrible. unfortunately i can also confirm that this advert is 100% legitimate, because i have a connection to this company. can also add this one from Lloyds bank. not a 'gay advert' as such, but very very surprising at the time because of the feature of the gay proposal scene at 00:17 and the implied acceptance at 00:48, after some unpopularity in making gay marriage legal in the UK
  6. Please see above - mobile GA picking on me LOL shouldn't be shared - is shared we have no boundaries sorry, still young, carefree and reckless!
  7. i share mascara and blusher with my best friend when we're on a night out hes male, very straight and not a cross dresser i have no regrets
  8. im a 1994 baby i got whitney houston/i will always love you no diggity, only because of ed sheeran spice girls, but not the title of the song whoops xD
  9. oh i can join in this week my darling mother thought it would be hilarious to have a one way food fight in our kitchen - her throwing, me ducking and pleading... i now have to go and clean it all up before she shouts at me yes, hilarious....
  10. big hugs and lots of love for uncle kc xx
  11. Never Surrender

    Chapter 4

    i feel like one of the few readers who thinks will is fantastic, no matter what hell he pulls i see a lot of myself in him! another great chapter, mark!
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