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Slash Attack: Bringing Fictional Characters Together From All Over

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Just got an idea for a forum game:


Slashing is a common storytelling tool, but it can be made into a game. I will start with one fictional character, then someone can slash this character with any other fictional character of your choice.


For example, 1st Character: Peter Parker, (Tobey Maguire, Spiderman 3)


Then the next poster chooses, Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield, Amazing Spiderman 2)


Sure they're the same character, but in two different universes, so comic book logic works for a relationship :P



My first character will be: Pavel Checkov (Anton Yelchin, Star Trek)

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Bender "Bending" Rodriguez (Futurama)


You don't need to limit it to humans and Bender is a proud Robosexual :P


They actually met in the episode "Where no Fan has gone before", so quite slashable :o

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ET (From E.T: The Extra-Terriestrial)

Remember to use your imagination, when slashing characters together :P


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