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  1. Good to see you around.  :) How are things?


    1. C. When

      C. When

      Good. 😁 I've never been good at keeping up with posting, so I've been sticking to reading on here. Thanks for saying hi.

  2. If you have an icecream narwhal, you can make a milkshake narwhal. Mine.
  3. Granted. It stops raining for years. You see the worst drought your area has experienced in recorded history. I wish I could teleport prepared good food to myself whenever I wanted.
  4. Well, I wasn't unprepared... The person below is one of those weird people who refuse to eat vegetables.
  5. PIMAN Please inform management about nitwits. WITSS
  6. The only difference is shiny isn't yours. Mine.
  7. Ants on a log are the best. Is that an excuse to game today? As for encouragement... Thanks for entertaining us with the national days Talon! But, this is mine.
  8. Or, shiny can go to me. That sounds good to me.
  9. You went for a walk, but the experience was terrible and your brain wiped it from your memory for self preservation. I wish for a peaceful week.
  10. Done that already. The person below me plans to read a book today.
  11. I left town yesterday morning without a cat, then came home to a cat. This is why the boyfriend doesn't usually go to pet adoption days alone.

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