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This Is "the End" : Black Sabbath Farewell Tour


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Black Sabbath has announced its final tour titled "The End." The North American portion will begin in Omaha in January and end in New York's Madison Square Garden in February. So far they will be touring Australia and New Zealand in April. Futher concert dates will be added later. The band lineup will be Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Iommi and Geezer Butler. No drummer has been announced as yet. They promise that this show will be the biggest production they have ever done.



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I've seen Ozzy 3 times as a solo act, and thought each one that he was beyond retirement :P The concerts are always amazing though.


Never seen him play with Sabbath, so might be interesting.

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I've seen the Stones a number of times. I had fifth row seats to the last one. It was great but louder than it needed to be. I've never seen Ozzy or Black Sabbath in concert. I guess I never will. Most of the crowd I took to concerts are either dead or too sick to go.  :(   I'm not into going by myself. Part of the fun is being with good friends.

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