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Should I Keep Doing Massive Reviews Of Stories And Movies On My Blog?



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I've just prepared my last future blog entry for 9/9/15 on Jeff Allen's Carterville-Adam State series of stories, so with that done, I am wondering if I should keep doing this?


I've written only positive reviews so far for Jeff's stories that you have seen, my next review tomorrow morning will be more negative on "Finding Family" and then I did a wrap up with "Three Voices", which would be more quiet and somber for Wednesday Morning.


I don't know how many other gay authors want me to analyze their stories or write massive and elaborate literary critiques. No one else is doing it, no one else is presenting themselves with the challenge of trying to identify themes within our stories or identify eras where certain story types were more popular, why do I need to?


I have doubts on how far I want to take my reviewing and how far I want to go with judging other people's work when my own is far worse in comparison, because I am far too cerebral.


What do you guys think, should I keep going? Also, what story should I go next?

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Please keep going.


As a reader: I do read reviews when I can and always take them into consideration when looking for something new to read. 


As an author: all reviews and constructive criticism is welcomed. 

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I enjoy reading your reviews, especially of movies.  It's always nice to find new stories to read, too.  Please continue.  :)

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