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Prompt #471 - Word List

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So I am going to throw my hat into the ring with my very first response. It's time to start building some writing muscles. Here is my short story response to this writing prompt.


Prompt 471


John was looking through the shelves at his local thrift store. He had decided to stop by today since he needed to find a gift for his friend's birthday.


As he was looking around the shelves, he was trying to decide what sort of gift he want to get for his friend. Should he walk on the wild side and get something weird, or should he stay on the safe side. Thinking of his friend, he decided to take a walk on the wild side. After, you only turn 21 once.


As he was making this decision, he noticed a pair of trick handcuffs laying on one of the shelves. It looked like they came from some sort of magic set, but all he could see were the handcuffs themselves. Picking them up, he noticed that they still had the key that came with them originally.


John decided the handcuffs weren't the right think. While he like wild, he didn't think he wanted to give his friend any ideas.


A couple of rows over, John noticed a ceramic sandwich sitting on the shelf. Taking the sandwich off the shelf, John examined it further. He noticed that it was a pb&j sandwich, and it looked like a bite had been taken out of one corner. There was even a red lipstick stain around the edges of the bite mark. Weird, but not exactly right.


John put the sandwich back and decided to head to another store. On the way out he noticed a small stand of jewelry by the main register. Looking in, he noticed the most curious ring he had ever seen. The ring was shaped like a flame, but made of a blue green crystal. The band was made out of metal that looked like it was shaped to resemble coral from the ocean. Thinking of his friends love of the ocean, John decided to buy the ring.


Back home, John tried to find something to wrap the ring in. Unfortunately he didn't have anything at hand. Being the thrifty person he was, he grabbed a pillowcase from the silk sheets that he had been given. He decided to wrap the ring in that, and would just get the pillowcase back later.


After placing the wrapped gift by the door, he stopped to think about the present he was giving his friend. Of course, he had his reservations about whether the gift was appropriate. He knew people might talk, considering he was giving someone a ring. He decided that he didn't care. They had been friends since they were born, and nothing was going to change that.

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