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A Music Video I Wanted To Share

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This is a Christina Aguilera video from some years ago, but a LOT of people have never seen the uncensored version, which is much more potent with the visuals. No, there's no nudity, no profanity, no violence. This video was heavily edited and restructured because the content actually portrayed the message of the song itself. That we are all beautiful, despite our own insecurities and society's harsh judgements of us. Please watch it. And listen to the lyrics, as well as watching the uncut video that goes along with it.


I'll be honest, I've been feeling really hurt the last day or two. :( It's hard for me to do what I do and not feel the pain of being hated by people who don't understand. But I do it, because there are people out there who need it. And I'm not giving up on them. Not ever.


So watch this video, hear these lyrics, and share it with your friends. Love yourselves. ALWAYS! Don't let anybody tell you that you're less than beautiful. No matter what, k? It's just not true. :(



It won't be long before I'm silenced for speaking my mind either. Last of a dying breed, I suppose. So enjoy this tiny bit of freedom while you can. K?


Love you. And remember...I NEED you. You may not think I do, but I do.

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((Hugs)) I remember this one! :)


Thanks, dude...



You're welcome, luv. I wish I lived closer by. We'd hang out and stuff when shit happens. That's what I try to do for my 'flock' down here in almost Mexico. :P In the end, we all have to stick together and show the love that we want to get from one another.

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