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Lux Apollo

Lux's Random Prompts #1

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I'd been to many interments, each of them a different experience of loss and grief, but never before had I been asked to shovel dirt onto a friend's casket. They are all looking at me, expectantly, a shovel held out towards my hands. Can I do this? Can I really do this?

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    • Guest Zrazvi
      By Guest Zrazvi
      writing a story with only similes and metaphors im gonna give it a try
      the moon peered out from the clouds. the two hugged each other as if they were scared. the demon rose up and pierced the sky with its teeth. the sky wept rain and Micheal's face was covered in sorrow. the ground seemed to move as michael ran. his footsteps rattled the ground. the trees were unforgiving as the grabbed Michael and tripped him. the monster danced around him as if he was already dead. tears erupted as the beast flew lower and lower till the musky breath of a thousand rotting corpses filled Michael s nostrils. his eyes begged and pleaded to let them go. the moon was now floating over the demons head. and with one swift motion the clouds attacked him with lighting. the creature cried a howl as Micheal's ears burst open. he stood tall and mighty like a giant. Michael wandered into the distance like a lone ranger with nothing to loose.
    • By Brayon
      Challenge: Use the following first line and word list in a story.
      "That has to be the most asinine idea I've ever heard."
      Word List: Pizza, Cat, Evergreen, Story, Techno, and Force.
    • By Brayon
      Your challenge is to step out of your comfort zone and to write a SciFi piece. This can be any flavor of story you want, but it has to have a recognizable SciFi feel to it.
      A Prompt to help get you started:
      You live in an era of Human Augmentation is the norm. From Cybernetics to Gene Resequencing to Chemical Augmentation, all available for any price. Of course, the good stuff is reserved for the government. What is it like to live in this world, where someone can change the very fabric of who they are, with enough credits?
    • By Brayon
      They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and that is what this challenge is. Find a picture, either one you've taken yourself, a Public-Domain print of some sort, a Free-Use one on art-sites, or whatever as long as you keep it legal. Then write a 1000 word story based on that picture. Any genre, or point of view.
    • By Brayon
      So, for challenge number three, I have one that is going to break all the writing "rules."
      Challenge: Write a 1000+ Word Infodump. No Dialogue. Tell, Don't Show. That is all.
      My goals with these prompts are to shake up people's comfort zones. Also, to show that dogmatic adherence to the Industry's "Writing Rules" is not the only way to do things.
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