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Hehehe DC/Marvel Fanboy Moment!

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Can't help it! I'm an 80's kid! Hehehe! Seriously...the "Stranger Things" boys...that was me and my friends! So video games, horror movies, and comic books? That was my era! :P 


So cool to see DC Comics and Marvel go head to head in a major way in the movies now! Gotta love 'em both! Enjoy!



Hehehe, this is what "Avengers: Infinity War" is going to look like next May! You know that, right? INSANE!



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When I saw Bryan Singer's loving treatment of the X-Men in that first movie I felt like I'd come full circle. I always dreamed that I'd see a live action X-Men movie that was worthy of the stories I was reading. He pulled it off with the first movie and I felt fourteen all over again!


I was an 80s kid too. For me it was Arcade Summers, Role-Playing Game Afternoons, and New Comic Saturdays! Occasionally, I'd get to go see a cool movie or two along the way. My first 'boyfriend' (JOE-seph/Jose) was a role-playing pal of mine. That role-playing stuff was priming me to be a writer because for years after playing those things I'd come up with these scenarios and stories that I'd just have to jot down in a notebook or somewhere.


Anyways, I remember reading the Infinity Gauntlet miniseries Marvel put out in the early 90s and was totally blown away by the theatrical presentation of that story. It was a storyboard already. Even now, 46 years old, I can't wait to see how the Avengers Crew manages to put that epic to screen! It looks like I"m in for being a 14-19 year old again! Hehehehe!


I always thought DC was corney except for Batman, but this new gritty series of stories is taking the 'Superfriends' vibe out of the DC heroes. These movies for DC are truly epic! I LOOOOOOOVED Wonder Woman!!! I watched it with my Mom's spirit sitting right next to me in the theatre. She was a WW Fan from waaaaay back. I can't wait to see Justice League. It looks like a ride in a half!


~fist bumps~ Let's roll a 20+ all cats arcade summer for the next couple of summers and pretend that all our aches and pains, wrinkles and gray hairs are gone and we're wide eyed, innocent yet horny fourteen year olds in the theater again waiting for Indiana Jones to start!!!



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I honestly didn't think they'd ever be able to pull off an X-Men cartoon! Even after the Saturday morning cartoon. But Bryan Singer, even though diehards give him a lot of crap for his version...he did it about as well as any director could. I will definitely agree with that. Although, I will always have deep DEEP issues with the fact that Hollywood just CAN'T seem to include Gambit in anything they do! I mean, WTF? Take Han Solo, make him a part of a sinister thieves guild, give him mutant powers and an explosive deck of playing cards, and add a Cajun accent! How hard is this? He's one of the coolest X-Men ever and they just keep skipping over him. Give me a few months and an advance! I could write a Gambit movie for them if they want one! Check out this fan film somebody made! And this is on a civilian budget...



But yep, comic books, arcades, and 80's magic was always in the air! My friends and I didn't take the role playing path though. Instead, we were the horror movie geeks! Slasher flicks galore! Halloween, Nightmare, Friday, Child's Play, Hellraiser...Fangoria magazines and ordering severed hands in the mail! LOL!


Oh, and my fave comic book story is STILL "X-Men: Age Of Apocalypse"! For a whole year, I was buying up comic books five to ten at a time! I really wish I could get a movie version of just that one saga. They grabbed a LOT of it for "Days OF Future Past", which was cool! But...ugh! Nowhere NEAR as epic! Bishop was hardly in it. Magneto. Rogue. Gambit (AGAIN!)...but 'Blink' is on the new TV show, "Gifted", coming up next month though. So that's cool. :P


Anyway, I'm babbling again! Hehehe, don't get me started! ((hugz))




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It will be interesting to see if they can get the Dark Phoenix story right for this next X-Men. They completely mauled it in the 3rd X-Crap movie. 


Dark Phoenix was what initially got me into being a completely addicted slave to X-Men forever after. It was just such a beautifully sculpted shakespearean comic book tragedy! "Scott!" "Jean!" ~cries~

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I am still waiting for a Damian Wayne and Jonathan Kent in a live action movie. Those two are just cute together I can't help it. :,(


Superboy might take a while. But Damian has been shown in the DC Animated Universe. I hope they will faithfully portray his character in a movie. That would have rocked. The boy-assassin should be shown in the cinemas!

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