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Trying to Find a Story


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Hi All,


It's definitely been awhile.  Anyhow, I'm trying to find a story I read a long ways back.  It happened while i was looking for something to read on the internet and now I can't recall what the blasted thing was called or where it was that I had found it.  Below is what I remember of it.


I recall that the main character was kidnapped from earth and had to undergo some procedure.  It eventually comes to light that the medical person that was supposed to just do a physical changed the main character's biology.  Mix in the fact that the biological dad is the king of the world and the doctor did it at the behest of the current heir and you get some fireworks.  During the main characters introduction/party he ends up in bed with two men, one from his current world and the other a anthro canine of some sort with mostly human features.


There is politics, abusive relationships, forced body modification, mpreg, three person relationships and interstellar travel.  That's about all I recall oh and the main character was adopted.

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The story sounds like "Kidnapping is Always an Option," by HinderToyBL.  The link to that story is: 

There are 28 chapters so far.  Once you go to the link, scroll down to get to the chapter listing.

If that is not the right story, I'm sorry.  The one above is a very  interesting story, but may not be for everyone.  Some may not like the sci-fi/fantasy aspects.

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3 hours ago, 1mcleke said:

The degan incident by rob colton

premium story now, but I swear I’ve read it somewhere online previously!


No, that's not it. And you may have read it on LitE, but it's probably not there anymore.


I don't think it's Kidnapping is always an option. But both stories are worth reading. I can't come up with a possible story, but the description does ring a bell. 

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