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April 1st, 2018

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Hehehe, see? I told ya, it wasn't a joke! :P

A wide variety of related and unrelated stories are coming to the Shack website! So be ready! You've never seen "Gone From Daylight" like this before!

Now, of course, when I started putting this whole thing together, there actually WAS a "Blood Bank" for you guys to go to! Hehehe, but due to recent events, technology screwed us all over and the site is down at the moment. But I a working HARD, every single day, to get a new home for the site to get back online! I don't sleep anyway, hehehe! So this is my number one priority in life! I mean, seriously...what 'else' do I have to do with my time? :P

Anyway, you guys will be the FIRST to know when a new Blood Bank is set up! K? I'll sacrifice food, water, and sleep, to make it happen! Just bear with me for now! K?

Seezya soon! And look for new vampire updates starting next week.

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