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Imagine Magazine #41 Is Available


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And that means there's a brand new issue of Imagine Magazine now available for you guys to enjoy! Issue 41 is the BIGGEST Imagine issue yet! We pulled out all of the stops for this Halloween celebration! There is a TON to read! So be sure to stop in and give it ALL a read!




A brand new chapter of "Shelter" is waiting for fans of the series, as well as an article on the 'Shelter-Verse' just in case you guys have been missing out! Also a brand new "GFD" themed story has been written by our featured author of the month, Owen Wendell! Also, a variety of new stories from MrM (Who was a total PATRIOT this month with his submissions! THANKS, dude!), and Chapter 2 of "Lincoln, The Family I Never Expected" from Lindon Weztser! All that and much MUCH more! Including my new list of 13 horror short films to watch before bed! 


I really hope you enjoy this MASSIVE issue of Imagine Magazine! And many thanks to everyone involved in sending in submissions, and to all of the people behind the scenes who put forth an EXHAUSTIVE effort to put it all together! 


Have fun, you guys! And we'll see you on November 15th with more goodies! K?


Now then...I believe there were some Comsie stories that you were waiting on. ::Giggles::


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