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June 19th, 1998 - June 19th, 2019!!! :)


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Here we are, once again! It's June 19th today! And that means it's another Comicality Shack Out Back anniversary!!! TWENTY ONE years of entertainment, community, love and support, good times and bad! And we're still kicking! Doing better than ever, in fact!

I never thought that writing the first chapter of "New Kid In School" would EVER lead to all of this! And it's been an awesome journey the whole way! Thank you all for being the life changing events that have brought me to where I am today! I, honestly, don't know who I'd be right now without you!

You guys have turned a frightening, first time, submission from an amateur author to Nifty...to a website, multiple forums, an online magazine, chatrooms, Paypal donations, an army of ebooks Amazon.com...and some of the best friends that I've ever made in my life! Thank you!

And we're not stopping here! So enjoy this new chapter, and I'll seezya soon! Clear your schedule! Hehehe! We've got a week long party to get started here! :P

Also, for our NEW Shackers, if you've never read "New Kid In School" before...this was my very first erotic story online. It's the grandfather of them all! So you can read from the beginning at the link below if you need to catch up! Cool?

Enjoy! And I'll seezya soon! ((Hugz)) Happy anniversary, Shackers! Smile for me, k?



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