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I recently posted the first two parts of a new three-part story, Dead Body Inside, to GA and haven’t gotten the interest that I had hoped for. One reason I expect is that I’m up against some pretty heavy competitors with large followings, which is my reason for promoting the story here. Another reason might be the story title, which I have to admit in hindsight isn’t too attractive for the light, humorous short story that I tried to produce. Can’t do anything about that now, though. Lesson learned. The story cover illustration should put the title in its proper perspective. The other reason is that I might have fallen into the dilemma of being associated with writing sexually explicit stories as my other three stories have been. This story is not like that, being light and humorous and only a mere reference to sex. It was written to attempt to disassociate me from exclusively writing in that genre. So if you are looking for a fun, light short story to read, consider Dead Body Inside. And be sure to leave a comment when you are finished. Thanks.


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    • By S.L. Lewis
      This is the discussion for my new posting Snowfalls, Fires, and Family.
      They had been pulled apart, their mother slowly falling into her mind, when he had been six. But now their mother had died just a month before and her will had asked for them to come together at least one last time to get what she has left behind for them.
      They thought they would walk away with a piece of liquidated estate and money for their own lives.
      They hadn't expected to find themselves coming back together as siblings.
      Some quick information on the story: I originally wrote this back in 2017. Before I got with my girlfriend (3 years this December 24th!), I decided that I wanted to do some holiday stories and post on Wattpad. 
      This was one of them. This one kind of went different than what I wanted to go with it originally (lots of fighting and a not so happy  ending) but then I was finding myself in a better place mentally and emotionally. 
      As for the story, it is fully complete. Two (2) chapters of Ten (10) have been posted and I'll post the rest of the chapters at least once every couple of days. The next couple of days I'm just going to let it sit for now and let others read. 
      It seems you guys seem to like it so far? I hope at least. I hope to hear your comments, questions and suggestions! It all helps me to grow as a writer and editor!
      Thank you. 
      Quick edit: in the story there is talk of mental illness and the affects on a family. Nothing graphic but still...it does talk about it.
      And yes, I had my name changed to S.L. Lewis from Rose Strailo. So kind of ignore the copyright name on past and current story please? Thank you.
    • By William King
      I am pleased to announce my short story Speechless has been published on Nick Campanella's website. A semi-autobiographical story about a library that brings together two boys, reveals some secrets, and leaves them speechless.
      You can check out my story and read it here.
      Nick was enthusiastic about posting this short story, because as he said to me: "You have something really great here. Stories like these should be more mainstream, and I'm really glad I can help make that possible. Every child, gay or straight, remembers how they realized their sexuality, and yet, we (I) never read stories about it."
      I have to thank Nick for helping me to tidy up and edit the story. I think it's great to be able to bring a gay story to, if you like, a mainstream site. Only I don't see it quite like that anymore - gay and straight - the terms exist, but 'the times they are a changing!'
      Let me know what you think. It's a short story and quick to read, your comments and reviews would be most welcome, either here or on the story itself. Here is the space fo anyone to discuss and or ask questions. I promise to come back to you with a reply. Thank you.
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      This is the cover and spine for both the printed and eBook versions of Attunga.
      Background information for both Attunga and its companion story can be found below.
      Blog: https://diasporatales.net
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      So this is a thread for my short story [ errorlog.txt ]
      So feel free to leave remarks, thoughts, opinions, and discuss possibilities here.
      You can view my story in the link below:
      Enjoy your stay!
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      I don't wanna seem too pretentious but I figured I'd start a thread for my story "A Frigid Grasp" since I'm continuing the series.

      [sharedmedia=stories:stories:4876] A Frigid Grasp covers the story of Arden as he lives out his life in the city-state of Bosefestung as a traveling healer aimed for public service. Because of his advocacy, he ends up tangled in the politics and drama of the city, something he wished to avoid.

      I'd appreciate it if you guys could tell me your thoughts and speculations and whatever you think of the story. I'm really aiming to complete this thing along with a few others.
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