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Hogwarts Legacy - New RPG


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I really wouldn't call myself a gamer type person.. I mean I only play, The Sims, Dragon Age, and Mass Effect - but this one looks really nice and the visuals (if they are able to deliver on those) are gorgeous. 

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Just to let you know, I'm going to be busy when Holiday 2022 arrives.  Take. My. Money.


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It still looks interesting; I hope the storyline has the depth it hints at. If it is just an item farming, upgrade grinding type of game it will get old fast. The battle/dueling system looks really good though and the world still looks nice. The Character they chose to use looked limited as far as character creations, but some of the examples they sort of sped through looked decent. A little cartoonish for my liking, coming from Mass Effect and Dragon Age, although ME: Andromeda's character creation and action movements were hilariously awful. 

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