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I thought since I've made a few chapters for my first story on this site I'd make a discussion thread for it. It seems to have garnered a good reception so far which I am quite pleased about. Feel free to ask any questions you might have about the story's world, the characters themselves, or other elements that might strike your fancy. Whether or not I'll properly answer said questions depends on how spoiler heavy I feel the answer would be. 

I'm interested to hear what people who've read it so far think. 

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    • By astone2292
      I've debated for the longest time to start up a forum on my first-ever adventure in writing, and after posting the 22nd chapter, and after the intense praise from the comments and hitting 30k views, I felt the need to create this.
      My story, Love in the Shadows, is a para-normal gay romance that follows an Alpha wolf shapeshifter, Mason Wilson, who quickly finds his destined mate, Vincent Bolton. Vincent, a mage capable of clairvoyancy and controlling ice and shadows, works at a grocery store. Living in the town temporarily, he continues to hunt down the evil mage that murdered his parents when he was nine-years old. As Mason attempts to woo his mate, Vincent continues to hone his skills, study more on the supernatural and magical worlds, and track down Stefan Gregoro, a maleficent mage who, also can control shadows, along with fire. As our two heroes develop their relationship, Vincent learns to integrate within the shifter community and get accustomed to Mason's accompaniment. The story involves deep romance, perilous fight scenes, and unexpected twists along the way.
      With this being my first story ever, I am seeking comments and criticism actively. I want to become a better writer. Plain and simple. Writing this story has been one of the only hobbies that I have kept up with. My hobbies usually end with me stopping halfway through and ending with abandonment. My thirst for writing has begun, and with this wonderful community around me, I ask to be given a shot. My hope is to create something that will inspire future endeavors in the writing community. 
    • By Solus Magus
      This is a thread for the current project I am working in which would contain seven parts. I consider this as my biggest project as of the moment because it offers a lot of lore that will be featured in multiple future spin offs (if my time would permit me, LOL). It is entitled Gateway Saga and the first book is called Into the Oblivion. Also, this one is a reboot because there were a lot of things that I decided to change, especially those that will not really be beneficial. Then I also added some other stuff that could hasten the flow of the plot. An example of this the character of Nikki.
      Into the Oblivion features two main characters, Chance and Nikki. They have separated story lines as stated on the chapters. The plot revolves around Chance Valentine as he encounters mages from the realm of Etheria. But he didn't know that there are actually a lot of other things that were at stake. While Nikki Ellison's story focuses on him discovering his powers. His perspective will feature more lore on the Etherian realm. There will be a lot of fighting and other elements will be gradually thrown into the fray.
      I just hope that this thread can be a good avenue to exchange ideas and criticisms. As usual, my writings will be focused on the characters and how they evolve to be a better person.

    • By Carlos Hazday
      Welcome to the discussion thread for CJ’s series.

      All things CJ are fair game, I simply ask you be respectful of others.

      I will actively participate in the discussion. Ask questions, speculate about what’s coming, or bitch about what happened.

      We’re now open for business!
    • By vanalas
      Hey everyone, how are we doing? My name is vanalas and i am a new author here. I have already completed one series and i just started my second one. Please, check out 'destined hearts' and help support me, critic me and lead me on the right path. Thank you so much.
    • By IBEX
      (mom, or someone else) " I speed-dialled 'DADDY' from your phone - but it wasn't your father that answered!"
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