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Posting a story about lesbians on gayauthors.org

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Hi, @Naomi 🖐 Everyone is welcome here. You will find most of the stories are aimed at gay men though. To see which stories have 'lesbian' as a story tag, go to the Stories page, look down the RH side until you see the heading Browse. Choose Genres and Tags. In the tag listing that follows, tick the one that says Lesbian. 

You would be welcome to post any stories you have (assuming they meet site guidelines). The Help topics are the place to go. Try this one first: 

I've no direct experience of other sites for posting lesbian fiction. A blog post I've just come across is mostly aimed at readers looking for free reads but may well include sites that encourage authors to post.


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It's totally okay! While the majority of the stories on GA are about men, there are absolutely stories about women. Like northie pointed out, there's a lesbian tag. Bisexual too. There are also stories about trans and nonbinary people. Personally, I'd love to see more diversity, so bring it on! :) 

EDIT: Here's a link to the lesbian tag. One of mine is on there too. :) 


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20 hours ago, Naomi said:

Thank you so much to everyone who replied and thanks for making me feel welcome as well.  :)

I hope you find lots of great stories to read here, and if you have stories to tell, I hope you share them with us. :) 

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On 3/7/2021 at 10:45 AM, Naomi said:


I am new to this site.  I've read some great stories here but I never see any stories about women?  Is it okay to post one on gayauthors.org or is there another site that would be more appropriate?  Thanks.

You are welcome, please

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