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Prompt 884 - Creative

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You were tired of finding those close to you were lying and keeping things from you. Your father had created a chemical that forced people to tell the absolute truth. However, once exposed they could never lie again. He refused to it to go out of his hands afraid of the repercussions. You take the chemical and pour it into the local aquifer. What happens when people are now forced to only tell the truth?

The Unfiltered Truth

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    • By comicfan
      People always say they want to hear the truth. A scientist who has been working on a new truth serum has finally had enough. One day the scientist asks his young assistant why they are late again. They turn, shrug and reply, "I am not really sure. Doesn't matter cause I'm here now." Feeling totally fed up he returns to the lab and opens his untested airborn version of his truth serum. Without the protocols in place it spreads across the world like wild fire. Now no one can lie. Is this a blessing or a curse?
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