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gay/bi writers of Supernatural Fanfiction


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I started working on a new project for a blog post on my web page. I am making a list of gay and bi-writers who are male and write Supernatural (the T.V. show) fanfiction and including links to their fanfiction. A lot of fanfiction is written my women, but I am interested in what the guys are doing. Both as romance (such as Destiel) but also other genres: action, drama, paranormal, thriller, etc... 

Does anyone have any ideas about who I should include? Maybe it will get them more attention. The writers should be openly known as men and have revealed their gender and sexuality publicly. Some guys who write fanfiction don't want readers to know they are men and write under pseudonyms to protect their identity. I did not want to out any author that does not want their gender known. 

If you are a gay/bi male writer of Supernatural fanfiction and want to be included, tell me and give me your link.  


I have not posted yet, I am still writing. Here are my criteria: 

  • Must be a gay or bisexual male (or trans) writing supernatural fanfiction (I am curious how their fiction is different from women writers). 
  • The fanfiction should be gay-themed (I suspect most will be Destiel stories, but other romantic combinations are welcome too: Sam/Gabriel, Adam/Michael are good too)  
  • Not smut. Stories can have sexual content, but not sex for the sake of sex. Stories that are romance, adventure, paranormal, thrillers, ect. 


So far this list is turning out to be pretty short, which surprises me. the same people keep getting nominated over and over: notably Bendingsignpost and Bob Wess. Both are great. Can you think of anyone else? 

Does anyone have any nominations and links? 


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