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  1. I asked this in a fanfiction facebook group, so I thought I would ask it here too. This may be repetitious since I think I asked about it before. I was wanted to know how gay/bi men approach their (gay-themed) fanfiction differently that women do. A lot of fanfiction is written by women, who seem really interested in gay men. So maybe you all can help me (I am writing this for a blog post) and give me some insight. First of all, why are women writing gay fiction in the first place. What is it about gay stories/men that have you so interested? Second, what is it about being gay (or bi) that informs your stories that is different from what women (in all of their female varieties) bring to their stories. Third, are they any specific tropes that could be identified as particularly gay/bi male, and others notably heterosexual or female? That seems a bit sexist, interpret it how you wish. I am still floundering around here, trying to figure out what to think. Any suggestions?
  2. I started working on a new project for a blog post on my web page. I am making a list of gay and bi-writers who are male and write Supernatural (the T.V. show) fanfiction and including links to their fanfiction. A lot of fanfiction is written my women, but I am interested in what the guys are doing. Both as romance (such as Destiel) but also other genres: action, drama, paranormal, thriller, etc... Does anyone have any ideas about who I should include? Maybe it will get them more attention. The writers should be openly known as men and have revealed their gender and sexuality publicly. Some guys who write fanfiction don't want readers to know they are men and write under pseudonyms to protect their identity. I did not want to out any author that does not want their gender known. If you are a gay/bi male writer of Supernatural fanfiction and want to be included, tell me and give me your link. I have not posted yet, I am still writing. Here are my criteria: Must be a gay or bisexual male (or trans) writing supernatural fanfiction (I am curious how their fiction is different from women writers). The fanfiction should be gay-themed (I suspect most will be Destiel stories, but other romantic combinations are welcome too: Sam/Gabriel, Adam/Michael are good too) Not smut. Stories can have sexual content, but not sex for the sake of sex. Stories that are romance, adventure, paranormal, thrillers, ect. So far this list is turning out to be pretty short, which surprises me. the same people keep getting nominated over and over: notably Bendingsignpost and Bob Wess. Both are great. Can you think of anyone else? Does anyone have any nominations and links?
  3. Thank you. I appreciate it. I think you are right, it might be better to distinguish between heterosexual and gay tropes instead of female vs. male. I have been thinking about working on another essay that tries to explain that distinction, but I also wonder if such a distinction really exist? You have seem to have given this a lot of thought, and I appreciate your comments. When I look back at all those trope i listed, It seems like all of them in some way or another could be labeled as heterosexual/straight since they ultimately seem to derive from a heterosexual perspective. What would be a trope that would derive for a gay expectation or imagination that has not been transposed from straight culture? Just promiscuity?
  4. At least I know how it was going to end. Kind of romantic. Hope some day you will finish it. By the way, I started to make a list of gay and bi male writers of Supernatural fan fiction, and included you on the list. I am making a new list post for my website. Do you know of anyone I should include? I have not posted it yet, still writing. Here are my criteria: Must be gay or bisexual male writing supernatural fanfiction (I am curious how their fiction is different from women writers). The fanfiction should be gay themed (I suspect most will be Destiel stories, but other romantic combinations are welcome too: Sam/Gabriel, Adam/Michael are good too) Not smut. Stories can have sexual content, but not sex for the sake of sex. Stories that are romance, adventure, paranormal, thrillers, ect. I have a feeling this list might end up being longer that I expect it to be.
  5. cehammock

    Chapter 1

    Unfortunately, I cant get people to read mine either. It seems like, unless it is all smutted up with porn, people are not interested in reading it. That is too bad.
  6. cehammock

    Chapter 1

    This feels like a prologue. I am quite interested to see Bughuul and what he is like, and how Bobby and Micheal get along. So you cant just leave us hanging here, we need more story.
  7. cehammock


    I liked this story very much. I wish it had gotten more likes and comments. I started a story like this several years ago, except my characters were monks. I never finished it. I have a feeling there is not much of an audience for these kinds of stories.
  8. I was thinking of a scene that reenacted Lucifer's temptations of Jesus, but in a modem gay setting. But including Judas is a good idea.
  9. Exactly, I was thinking something along the same lines. My Jesus is disenchanted and in hiding. He only comes out of hiding because Castiel finds him. Jesus is morning his lost lover Lazareth and feels abandoned by Chuck. He is cynical and agrees to help Cas to gain Dean's romantic attention. I had not thought about Judas. That would be such an interesting twist. I don't was to get too cosmic, that might be a story for later, so for now Jesus is just gay. I am actually working on two different stories. The Jesus story is set after Dean and Cas's big fight at the end of 15x3. When Cas leaves the bunker. I left Jack dead, so I could replace him with Jesus. I started reading some of your stories. I am interested to see what you do with Michael and Lucifer.
  10. What I have in mind happens after 15X19 catches up with 15X20 except Dean does not die and ends with a spinoff of Supernatural the next generation with Sam and Dean's children. I had not given any thought to including Bobby. I know I want Gabriel to come back, but I don't have any ideas for Adam/Michael or Nick/Lucifer. You have some good ideas for them. I think you need to write those stories. I will definitely read them., I might need a beta reader when I have everything put together and someone can tell me if it makes sense. I am curious what you had in mind for from Eastern Mythology. I kind of have a little Jesus obsession. I started another Supernatural Fanfiction involving him as a character, but kind of ran out of steam, and then got overtaken with rewriting the ending.
  11. Actually, we don't know this. Jack has only been God for one episode, and his father was Satan after all. He could be corrupted. Amara will have to look after him. I know he is suppose to be a Christ figure, but I would have rather the show just have Jesus himself as a character in it finally season. That would have been cool. Part of writing a romantic Dean/Cas fanfiction is to finally let Dean confront his messed up psychology and finally have a fulfilled romantic relationship for one, with Cas of course. The only fanfiction I am interested in in Dean/Cas. They are fully grown men struggling with their intimacy issues. Not dumb horny teenagers pinning for a boyfriend and having sex for the first time. I want to write a story that is you would not see on the gay version of the Hallmark channel. Something serious, not all fluff and angst and smut. I am not sure I am up to the task. This is the first time I ever wrote fan fiction. I want to finish it, then I can get back to my usual stuff. Get it out of my system, so to speak.
  12. I hated the series finale. I feel like I need to write my own ending. My scenario does culminate with both Sam and Dean having children of their own, which sets up the spinoff of Supernatural the next generation with Dean and Sam the kids. Before that can happen, Dean and Cas have to be reunited, Dean has to avoid dying, and they have a baby. Sam marries Eileen, and Chuck tries to get his powers back. Jesus might show up. Then the next generation can go hunting, just as you suggested. Also, I don't like Lovecraft and I don't follow the whole Marvel/DC comics/movies, so I have no idea about that. Somebody should write your scenario. I would like to read it too.
  13. When I was first thinking about M/M tropes I was thinking about them primarily in terms of heterosexual romance as opposed to gay fiction, so when I read that some people considered certain tropes to be female and others to be male, in terms of representing the people's experiences, that seems like a potential new way to give my thinking nuance or it might be misdirected. I am still interested in what people think. I do wonder if there are tropes that could be specifically labeled as male or female, as if men and women, or gay or straight people, would have mutually exclusive experiences or expectations. I am doubtful. Is it not possible for gay couples to have romantic fantasies just like we attribute to heterosexual women? Does there have to be one universal gay male romantic tropes that involves multiple sex partners? I am wondering if that kind of debate is somehow a reflection of the own voices movement in publishing that has certain per-determined expectations about what a proper "representation" is? I'm still thinking about this question.
  14. I am happy to hear that some people do not consider MPreg to be a specifically female trope. I have a feeling that Dean might end up pregnant at the end of my story, but with a more manly response, and less sexualized. After all Dean has always been the more nurturing one, so I feel like he deserves a baby of his own. And this is Supernatural after all, so it could happen. Dean's not going to like it! I hope that revelation does not scare away any potential readers. I have also become a sucker for all those Alpha/Omega "Werewolf, supernatural, dominant/submissive" fanfiction tropes. I feel ashamed. LOL I wrote a blog post a few years ago about M/M Romance and listed all kinds of tropes. I will put the link below. I was hoping that the readers of this forum could help me identify the more female specific ones (if you believe there are male vs. female tropes), what would you all put on that list? I want to read that list to. https://ceh3167.wordpress.com/2017/10/06/the-romance-genre-gay-fiction-and-m-m-romance/
  15. I asked this question on a different thread, and one of you messaged me and suggested I start a new thread since my question was a bit off topic from what fanfiction universe you would write in, so I started a this new thread. If I did this wrong, I am relying on the administrators to fix my screw up. Here was my original question. Several comments on this thread alluded to the possibility (probably true) that women white M/M romance for other women that reflect a female point of view, and that gay men are often turned off by these perspectives, because they do not reflect their own romantic/sexual experiences. This got me thinking. What are some of the tropes of M/M romance that reflect women's interests? And what would be some M/M romance tropes that would reflect a male perspective, particularly the point of view of gay men? Anyone have any ideas or comments? I am working on my own M/M fiction, and I would like to be more self-aware about the tropes that I'm using. Thanks. I have taken an interest in Destiel (Dean/Castiel) fanfiction of the TV show Supernatural, and I have noticed that most of the fanfiction writing in this franchise is written by women, and written in a way that put Sam. Dean and Castiel way out of character than they are on the show. Which is ok; it is romance after all. I love Dean and Cas together, but sometimes the ladies take Dean and Cas to Hallmark world and make me role my eyes. Yes, I love it sometimes and sometimes its just weird. It makes me wonder what a Destiel M/M romance would look like if told from a (gay) male perspective. Help me avoid some of the obvious female tropes (male pregnancies) for instance. The story I am working on now is meant to be and extension of where the story left off at the end of the series, so I want my story to be canon compliant, but I also want Dean and Cas together was a romantic couple in the end. I posted my first two chapters here and an working on the third now.
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