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Bravo! and thanks: New Kid at 67 and 23!


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Com, thank you for continuing to update the timeless classics of New Kid in Class and Kiss of an Angel. I’ve been following the series' for quite some time now; I think from around the time of the “pineapple juice” episodes.  


A few recent zoom weddings and funerals at which I waved to old friends but couldn’t hug them kicked off heavy bout of unrequited nostalgia for me. ( I am also working through that with the local remnants of our old friend network.)  But I had a lovely night queuing up and tabbing between New Kid and Kiss of an Angel from the beginning (and finding Arcade Junkies and Ryan’s Heart for the first time). It was a really fun soak in the lives and stories of your characters. It scratched the itch to listen to old friends tell stories we all know yet one more time, and it somehow gets better every retelling.        


I’m also glad you continue to update these and have them bubble back to the top part of the “new posts" lists as the anniversaries pile up. I hope new readers are continuing to find these.  Because right in with the hilarious comedy and the hot sex scenes are your achingly beautiful and need-to-know moral lessons about trust and honesty and coming out and how-threesomes-are-hot-but-can-jam-up-a-relationship.  Follow your heart, dream with your eyes open, and yes, beware that jerks might be trying to mess with you. Ryan’s heart really is the rock at the centre of it all, with all the loves and loyalties, and secrets and anxieties and mistakes and accidents revolving around it.  And these stories show us how diverse people can be through Randy’s anxieties, Tyler’s broken (but perhaps mending) heart, Ariel’s minefield of tightly coiled springs of emotional energy, and Cody’s acute analysis,  acidic  patter and  broken-glass-sharp  emotional defenses. 


          So, hugs and kisses and Bravo’s and roses for you.🌹🌹🌹   👏👏👏   👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨


I do really mean the ordinary definition of “timeless classic” above:  but also timeless as the boys have gone from landline phone drama and skipping CD players and heavy VCRs to sexts and texts on the beach.

 “There aren't too many arcades left in the world nowadays, you know?"

The utterly epic Spring Break lasted for 13 years. And Cody Morneau still feels like a “new” character, although he's been around for about 20 years now.


I understand you have a life and many other fruitful and cool writing projects, and you’ve given us so much for so long that you don’t owe me or anybody anything more.  


But here’s a plea for some back-to-school episodes this September where we find out what school's like for the now out-ish boys and  what Hailley’s gonna do next, and whether Tyler banging him until he was too weak to move will settle down Ariel’s kinetic discharges, and whether Tyler can reconcile his troubled past with his exciting present (and how Ariel's  gonna handle that!   (Or for a challenge,   a story in Cody's voice?)


Either way,  thanks  for the stories. 🍍




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Thanks so much for the rush, dude! :) I really do appreciate it, and I'm glad that you've been sticking with me for so long. Hehehe, I don't think Cody and Sean have been around for THAT long...but it's been a while! Hehehe!

It definitely does take a long time to really get my vision out on the screen exactly the way that I want to...and I know that people are always waiting for more. They've tried every trick in the book to try to get me to write faster and faster, and JUST the stories that they want to read above all others. I know. Trust me. There was a time when I only posted one chapter every two weeks...and people thought that was a mind-blowing amount of output for just ONE writer to produce. Hehehe, but, ambitious as ever, I think I've seriously spoiled everybody since then. LOL!

Not that my job has gotten any easier, mind you.

But, being dedicated to these stories and these characters is something that will always mean a lot to me. And comments like yours and on the stories and stuff...it's the only fuel that I have to burn to keep going. So thank you for that! I always try to keep track of how much new material I release so I can keep up with things, and readers can too. Just in case the missed a new chapter, or might discover a new story that they never gave a chance before. And there will be more new series as the older faves reach completion this year. Like I said, it just takes time.

But you guys will find out about all of that starting Monday.

I definitely need a chance to relax every now and then. Just like we all do. We're all human after all.

Hehehe, "Comsie!!! Write ten more stories for me!"

"Sweet! Ok! Make sure to leave me a short comment to let me know if you like them!"

"UUUGGHHHH!!!! REALLY? FUCK! Alright...FINE!!! If I *HAVE* to! God, you're sooooo demanding!"

Jesus! Who's doing all the heavy lifting here? Hehehe!

Thanks for this post, bud! And welcome to the Cafe! I really needed this today! Life's been a struggle lately. The smile did me a lot of good. ((Hugz))


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Posted (edited)

Ha,  thanks for the reply.  I might have overwritten  that a bit,  but I wanted you to get the point that I liked it. 😉


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