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Imagine Magazine's Newest Issue Released! XD


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The newest issue of Imagine Magazine is now up for your enjoyment! All the kinks have been worked out, and you can dive in whenever you want to see what we've got planned for you guys this month! Be sure to check it out, and click that green 'Up Vote' button if you like what you see! Our writers work hard to entertain you you all! Entertain them back with a hint of appreciation every now and then, ok?

Yes, that's a guilt trip for some of you. But ONLY if you never EVER pay it forward! So...eat it and shut up! ::Giggles::

Thanks to everyone who submitted their work for this month's issue! You're awesome! And I love you lots! :)

i didn't want to post anything new in term of stories until this issue was taken care of and the newest issue had a chance to be posted and grab the spotlight first! NOW that it's up and will have a full day to breathe...let's see what 'Year Long Santa Comsie' has in his magic bag for you guys!

I might just surprise ya!

PS- Remember, we've got a public chat coming this Saturday night at 7 PM EST if you'll be around! I will definitely be there to talk to you all in real time! So join the chatroom and come say hello! Cool? Hope to see ya then! :)

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