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Page's Prompt #30 - Word List

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This prompt is going to be a bit different than other word lists. Instead of using nouns to form a story, this prompt will use adjectives to describe an emotional situation. Write the scene by using these adjectives.  :)

Flush-faced, giddy, sweaty, jelly-legs, stuttering, shining, intoxicating.

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From the upcoming chapter of the Company:


The bedrooms and bathrooms were clear. Now, where might two hormonal teen boys disappear too?

I tabled the question of Jacob and Kerry for the moment and decided to check on the state of the kitchen. Knowing Roderick, it would be spotless, and it was.

Now that it didn’t have a swarm of kids preparing food, I got a good look at it. The kitchen makeover had been a big success. David Bridges had a guy who specialized in renovating kitchens, and he had done a real number on this one.

It was very different from the last time we had been here. Old linoleum countertops were replaced with slate. The cabinets were all new and the old cast iron skillets were hanging from a new rack. The old refrigerator was replaced with a new and larger model. A dishwasher squatted in a wooden cabinet with a microwave oven on top. This kitchen had gone from the forties to the eighties in very short order. The old sink was replaced by a new stainless-steel sink that matched the refrigerator and dishwasher.

The modernization extended into the laundry room and pantry. The pantry was equipped with new shelves and an upright freezer. The laundry room sported a new washer, dryer, shelves, and folding table. It was there I heard Jacob and Kerry in the office. They were getting a little noisy in their exuberance. It sounded like they were having a blast. I must admit, the idea of a big, horny, handsome farm boy like Kerry made my own junk take notice. I got a can of Mountain Dew out of the refrigerator, popped the top, and waited for the boys’ tryst to run its course.

It wasn't a long wait. Apparently, Kerry’s loudness indicated he was done. No more than two minutes later, the two boys came out of the office jelly legged, flush-faced, giddy, and a little sweaty.

“So, what do you think of the new place Kerry”, I asked with an innocent grin.

The look on Kerry’s face was priceless. His face shined with a guilty blush indicating he knew he was busted. He stuttered, “Uhhh, it’s really nice. It’s like a different place. Aunt Mattie said she would kill for a kitchen like this.”

“I don’t think she will have to go to such drastic action. Jacob, could you give us a minute?”

Jacob nodded, left the kitchen and heard him go upstairs.

I grinned at Kerry and said, “Come here you big studly rascal.”

Kerry grinned in relief. I hugged him and whispered, “Jacob must have been good. You shook the whole kitchen.”

He chuckled and said, “Sorry I was grounded and couldn’t come last night. I like girls, but they just don’t give head as good as boys.”

“That’s how the Hobby works Kerry. Play your cards right with Jacob, and you’ll have a hunting and fishing buddy with benefits.”

Kerry’s blush deepened, and he smiled, “He likes to do it, and he’s good at it. A good blow job is as intoxicating as a shot of shine.”

“Just be sweet to him, he’s a little young...


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