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Favourite Gay Stuff

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6 minutes ago, Zombie said:

this is the place for frank admissions - maybe things you wouldn’t even admit to your closest friend or loved one 

So what gay stuff do you really really love?

the more embarrassing, the more kitsch the better :gikkle:

I love tea cosies, y’know those fluffy knitted things old ladies like Miss Marple put over tea pots to keep their freshly brewed beverage nice ‘n’ warm er, cosy :funny:

…and I’ve just spotted this very tasteful crocheted creation on a specialist website :) 

How could any home be complete without one? :P



That looks so much like the sheep in Wallace and Gromit!  I love it!

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OK, Now I'm having and identity crisis!  I don't have a thing that fits this description.  Raised in a mixed community of lumberjacks and cowboys in the west, I grew up to be a teacher.  I am so bland for a gay guy.  My Thai boyfriend loves Gucci bags.  Does that count? 

Oh!  I do love a huge, beautiful doily made by my great grandmother.  It was a holiday centerpiece to the table and was so delicate and complex in design.  I did give it to my eldest niece when I moved to Thailand.  I do miss it a lot!  Sorry if this is not embarrassing or kitschy enough.  Best I can do.  It looked a little like this but a bit larger.


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dang it, such a shame you gave away that beautiful lace doily made by your great grandma - that deffo qualifies :funny:

and so do your b/f’s Gucci bags - no question! :lol:

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