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  1. Thank you for sharing your experiences-- for myself, I've only begun to chip away at this since January 22nd when all heck broke loose so yeah...i have that feeling of just being stuck and I'm wondering whether I will ever get out of this. Thank you....and yeah it's definitely a work in progress since I haven't mentally forgiven myself for screwing up so bad as far as "A" is concerned. I've known him a little under a year but we grew close quickly through my fraternity--that is--until February 17th.
  2. Thanks Graeme, it's just that...that's the hard part. Not knowing and not really having closure on the matter. But yeah, right now, I don't think there is anything else I can do. Hope is all I have left. Thank you Tim, for your support; I'm not sure which is more painful...losing a best friend or losing a girl/boyfriend..not by passing, but just...ending the relationship. I've never had any experience in the latter so I don't know and I've heard mixed responses. I would never wish this on anyone, not even a nemesis. Thank you Dodger...and yeah, I try
  3. Hey everyone... I know I've been inactive for a very long time but I plan on being more active now. (sorry if this is the wrong forum for this). As of right now, I have come out to 8 people, not including professional therapists, psychiatrists, counselors, or social workers, been hospitalized 4 times this year alone so far and am now currently in some rehab-for-depression kind of place. Long story short, I have been on the brink of SI (suicidal ideation) multiple times for various reasons, dotted with a few actual attempts. That's not the point of this post
  4. i know I haven't logged in for a while so I dropped in to say hi :)

  5. so here's an idea: let's truck some of NE U.S.'s snow to California to relieve their drought! :P

  6. i wish life had a giant 'reset' button...

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. joann414


      Sorry. Not happening. Embrace each day.

    3. Daddydavek


      I'd hate to make the same stupid mistakes all over again....

    4. Ron


      I don't know, DDK. They say, nothing is every the same twice. ;)

  7. "nosce te ipsum"

    1. rustle


      That's the best friend you've got.

  8. nice picture! I actually live less than an hour from South Haven
  9. aaaaaaaaaaah bouncing off the walls with nerves after my job interview >.

  10. just cooked a perfect medium rare steak (with no grill) :)

    1. Daddydavek


      Baked potato and salad and a glass of your favorite brew and it's a meal.

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