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  1. Nahrung

    Chapter 9

    Really nice chapter... Although, a LITTLE more detail of their 'lovemaking' would have been nice. I love to hear about the 'first times', not so much in a pervy way, but because they add depth that, when described tastefully, really adds to the story.
  2. Nahrung

    Chapter 4

    Just started reading this story today. I'm really liking the flow, characters and development! WOW... I get why Jerry has resentments, but against someone who did something to him in 9th grade? Really?
  3. Nahrung

    Chapter 11

    Kinda sad that Ryan won't be there for his dad, who obviously needs his son's support. Mom is nuts but dad seems to be cool. Where's all that going? Neal
  4. I'm glad to hear that Rich and his friend are okay but, damn, I hope you don't spend too much time on their sexual prowling and exploits. It's getting a little tiring. You didn't spend this much narrative on CJ's sexual details... 😐
  5. Beautiful ending to a beautiful story... Thanks!
  6. Hmmm... It's my understanding that Freshman Year involves a lot of the same discipline and training as in Basic training... lots of harassment from upper-classmen, having to eat at attention, etc... I may have been misinformed but I don't think the BS is over for Richie...
  7. Nothing new... nothing to see here, folks. The Wills of the world have always been there and are still among us today. The only difference now is that we know them and recognize them. Still doesn't change the damage they have done and will continue to do. We have to change our approach to all these haters. Fighting with them only makes them angrier and stronger. Instead of 'calling them out' we have to figure out a way to 'call them in'. I heard an interesting piece on NPR about this the other day... interesting concept...
  8. Nahrung

    Alla Marcia

    I sure hope that Rick soon grows a couple and tells Rita McKee to back off and stop pretending that she has a thing going on with Rick. I get that it's a small town and that Rick has a pretty high-profile job but, jeez, this is getting really tedious.
  9. I was getting tired of the flashbacks and now I understand... I did a bit of dream work back in the day. I saw where this was going but I didn't know if you would go there or not. Good for Coy to call Boone out! Good for Boone for taking the risk of being honest with Coy. I can't imagine a better way for a couple of cowboys to get it all out and, speaking of getting 'out', nice touch with them going to bed and 'sharing the warmth' with one another... :) Would you mind describing Boone and Coy again?
  10. Nahrung

    Die Forelle

    So many loose ends and questions... Why don't Rick and Gus exchange phone numbers? Could Gus be 'Mr. Sexy Hunk' on 'X-Pants.com'? Why won't Rick call Rita out on her lack of payment of bills and standing him up when she told him that there would be a check at her office for him? And why won't Rick make it clear to Rita (and his dad) that he has NO interest in anything other than a business relationship with her. The story seems to be getting overwhelmed by unanswered questions.
  11. Loved the story and sorry that it came to an end... I've known people like Armie and even befriended a few. They're tough nuts because they have to be. They only accepted my friendship because they figured out that I truly liked them and wanted nothing from them other than friendship. It's a tough life sometimes.
  12. Loved the story... I've met people like Armie... Is the story over?
  13. Nahrung


    You might want to consult with Headstall about this... He is the master of shape-shifting! :)
  14. Nahrung

    New Year's Eve

    I'm 'kinda' liking how you time shift and flip-flop the story of CJ. Obviously 'Hail To The Chief' was not the end of the CJ story. Anyway... Really liking this story...
  15. Nahrung

    GFD: Awakening

    So... Is this going to be one of your stories that just dies and picks up six months later?
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