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  1. Nahrung

    Die Forelle

    So many loose ends and questions... Why don't Rick and Gus exchange phone numbers? Could Gus be 'Mr. Sexy Hunk' on 'X-Pants.com'? Why won't Rick call Rita out on her lack of payment of bills and standing him up when she told him that there would be a check at her office for him? And why won't Rick make it clear to Rita (and his dad) that he has NO interest in anything other than a business relationship with her. The story seems to be getting overwhelmed by unanswered questions.
  2. Loved the story and sorry that it came to an end... I've known people like Armie and even befriended a few. They're tough nuts because they have to be. They only accepted my friendship because they figured out that I truly liked them and wanted nothing from them other than friendship. It's a tough life sometimes.
  3. Loved the story... I've met people like Armie... Is the story over?
  4. Nahrung


    You might want to consult with Headstall about this... He is the master of shape-shifting! :)
  5. Nahrung

    New Year's Eve

    I'm 'kinda' liking how you time shift and flip-flop the story of CJ. Obviously 'Hail To The Chief' was not the end of the CJ story. Anyway... Really liking this story...
  6. Nahrung

    GFD: Awakening

    So... Is this going to be one of your stories that just dies and picks up six months later?
  7. Ya know... I'm not liking Hank much now! Hank is an insecure, selfish child. At this point, I don't even want Chase and Hank to get back together. Chase would be better off without him... Yeah, Chase has grown a lot and probably still has a lot to deal with but I don't think Hank can grow up fast enough to catch up to Chase to make it work. Hank's a selfish child... stuck in his own pain and loss which doesn't leave much room for Chase. Chase has to get on and find someone more mature than Hank.
  8. Nahrung

    Chapter 14 Amarok

    Hey Gary... I must admit that I'm liking Dawson and Brent's story even more than Chase and Hank's story. It's almost like two stand-alone stories just bumped into each other. Or maybe this is the beginning of a new story starring Dawson & Brent? Something with a title like, oh I don't know, 'Amarok'? You really do amazing things with rural settings! Ha... you even managed to get a wolf into the picture! Thanks for writing!
  9. Nahrung

    Chapter 17

    All Tom got was a mention of a phone conversation between him and Aubrey, telling him all the things Andrew will do to him to break his heart... All things that Tom DID, in fact, do to Aubrey. Hmmm...
  10. Nahrung

    Prime Premiere

  11. Nahrung

    Sunrise Surf

    Nice beginning! The link for the photo that resembles Dante doesn't work.
  12. Nahrung

    Chapter 2 Pieces

    OH... I'm enjoying it very much and will continue to read it. I just think I have a more practical, less emotional take on relationships.
  13. Nahrung

    Chapter 2 Pieces

    I understand what cheating is. But kissing an aggressive pursuer, in a bathroom stall at a club, when intoxicated, after being shocked by a marriage proposal that Chase wasn't ready for? Really? That's NOT cheating! It's all kinds of other things but cheating, it is not. Is their relationship so weak that Hank couldn't handle his boyfriend being kissed by a stranger?
  14. Nahrung

    Chapter 18

    Hi Ron... I actually 'get' Will. They're all young and they don't yet have the test of time and experience to make them strong and resilient. Will fell in love with the Troy he knew and he didn't have enough experience to accept anything other than that. Will could have never stuck with Troy no matter how much he wanted to. He just didn't have the foundation to accept the new Troy. Beautiful story... I read it in a day... Thank you!
  15. Nahrung


    Beautiful ending! Who'd a thunk that Brett ended up being the one to give the closing speech! After all the 'Shut ups and fuck you, Jar-heads', I didn't expect him to be the voice of wisdom and closing. Then again, he was ALWAYS the voice of reason, caution and taking decisive action. He didn't get enough credit but, then, he did! There are so many future stories here that I'd like to read about... Liebe, CJ & Owen, their new house, CJ'S experience at the State Department, Owen's experience at the Nature Conservancy, the grandparents, Caesar and Brett, Brad, Harley, Thiago and his son... WOW... you have opened SO MANY doors! Parker Owens wrote 'AtoZ' and I so want to hear so much more. This is a story that reminds me of his story. I guess that's the way it goes... 'Leave them wanting more'. I don't know if that is the gift or a curse of a 'GOOD' writer. Thank You! Then again... Where do ya go with this? You could spend the rest of your life telling all these stories. So, I guess, THANK YOU... It's been a wonderful ride and I'm looking forward to reading more of your stories.
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