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  1. Computer crashed and, possibly, burned. May have lost everything. Might be absent for a little while.

    1. craftingmom


      Noooo! I so know how you feel. Good luck recovering it.

    2. Headstall


      That really sucks!

    3. Azorf


      Oh no!! Did you recover the Paradox series, I was really liking that? Learned the hard way about backups a couple years ago, do it regular now just in case!

  2. As of today, I've officially been a member of this site for four years! Yay! Because of this, I've posted a blog entitled In Honor Of Ground Rules, which goes into some background information about the story and also has an epilogue for Atticus and Oliver. I'd recommend checking it out if you liked the story.

  3. New blog post! It features Unconditional and discusses how self-set boundaries are detrimental to writing. I didn't get as cocky as I did the last time. Oh, and there's also a glimpse into Felix's side of the featured story if anybody's interested.

  4. I get a little cocky in my latest blog post. Check it out! Who knew I would ever dare analyze something and give some advice. It's on hate and critcism, specifically in regard to The Paradox Series. Also, for anyone interested, there's a bit of a teaser for the future in-universe of TPS.

  5. Soooo surprise to anybody who liked The Paradox Series! There's a short follow up story entitled The Paradox of Destinations. Spoiler alert: It features Zeke and another unnamed (surprise) character! Check it out!

  6. My latest story is up and runnning! Go check out Destructive Love, but heed the warnings!

    1. Lisa


      I'm stoked you have another story out, Sunshine! :)

    2. InTheMindOfSunshine


      Thanks! It's honestly been every bit of ten years in the making. I hope you like it when/if you get around to reading it! :)

    3. Lisa


      I know I will! I hope I can read it later...I have to go back to work soon. :(

  7. While that would have been a funny turn of events, I didn't tie the universe that tightly together. Haha.
  8. The last chapter of Unconditional is posted. If you'd like to read the end of the world, check it out!

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Lisa


      Oh shit, that means the end of the world did happen! :( Or...maybe you could write a sequel where the whole thing was just a dream and the end of the world didn't happen, but Felix did! :) lol

    3. InTheMindOfSunshine


      ...Oops. I guess that was a bit of a spoiler. O.O

    4. Lisa


      Hahaha! This is on my reading list for Sunday when I don't have to work. :)

  9. New stuff! Yay! So, firstly, the reappearance of Unconditionally. And secondly, my first ever blog entry. Check them out!

  10. In honor of officially lurking here for three years today, I have posted a completed one-chaptered story entitled "Ten Weeks". Check it out (but heed the warnings)!

  11. I sensed this was going to be a hard question... Lincoln's the type of person who likes having power over people. (An example outside of Gabe would be Finn. Though it's never outright addressed, the identity of his previous, horrible, roommate was in fact Lincoln.) Gabe is sort of like a game to Lincoln. He's a bit obsessed with Gabe and originally expected Gabe to come crawling back to him within days of breaking up with him at the beginning of the story. Gabe doesn't because of the thrill of a new school year and new people, especially Henry. When Gabe didn't go back to him, Lincoln decided force put himself in Gabe's life instead. That's why he lobbied to move into Cameron House and why he went out of his way introduce Gabe to Ryan. Lincoln believes that he can still control Gabe. When Gabe stood up to him in defense of Auggie at the dinner in chapter eleven, Lincoln finally realized that he had lost his control. His last chance of controlling Gabe is by tearing him down again, by destroying any romaticized version of Henry Gabe may have possessed. It doesn't go as well as Lincoln would have hoped--by that, I mean Lincoln wanted Gabe to come back to him--he delieved the final blow: voicing the awful lie Gabe had been telling himself. So basically Lincoln wasn't at the house to convince Gabe to kill himself but rather to convince Gabe to choose him over Henry. The fact that this drove Gabe to suicide was an unexpected flaw in his plan. ...Hopefully I answered your question without too much confusion.
  12. I toyed with the idea of killing Gabe off completely, especially during the early parts of the draft. Early on, it was supposed to be about how suicide affected those left behind. That's why I initially made Gabe so dependent upon Auggie and Kyra. Then I realized, as I mapped out the entire backstory of Henry, that I really didn't want to write it that way. So I promoted Declan to a bigger part and decided to, instead, let Jude's death serve as a tribute to my original plan. So, no, the story did not go how I originally planned it to go at all. When I finally decided for certain that I was not going to kill off Gabe, by that point I was already around chapter six, I the drew up a rough idea of the set-backs which he would face, namely Henry's questionable issue with the subject of suicide. Most of those ideas ended up becoming part of the story. So I always planned to put Gabe through hell, but I didn't always plan for him to survive. For the most part, I construct stories around a particular scene. For this story it was the opening scene. For Ground Rules, however, it was the umbrella scene in chapter eighteen, which was pretty much the beginning of that chapter. Borrowing Family was the same: it was contructed around chapter nine in the scene between Wes and Lachlan. There are exceptions to this, though. The Paradox Series was created from a general idea of bullying. The stories on which I am currently writing all stemmed from general ideas of various issues.
  13. I'm glad you enjoyed the stories. As for Artie, there was a time when I seriously considered killing him off--either by the police or perhaps by Riley and Dexter during their final showdown. As I got deeper into the story, I realized that killing him off seemed to cheapen all that Spencer and Nix had suffered. Then when it came time to actually decide his fate, I decided to allow the justice system to deal with him. He was already too far gone psychologically that sentencing him to an normal prison sentence was nearly impossible. A mental facility really is the best place for him.
  14. Thanks, Lisa! And thanks to Cia for chosing this story. I haven't actually looked at it in a long while, and it's a nice excuse to pull it out of the files collecting dust on my computer.
  15. The last chapter of "The Paradox of Promises" was posted today, bringing an end to the entire Paradox Series. So everybody check it out!!

    1. Lisa


      I'm so sad it's all over.....::(

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