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  1. Sophie348


    Rarely has the expression, do not judge the book because of the cover, sounded better than this story. It deserves to be read, and applauded❤. It is a fantastic story about two childhood friends, who find love with each other and together with three other friends conquer the world. Highly recommended 🥰
  2. Was surprised when I saw the story was not rated. According to comments at the end, many have an opinion about it. Do you give it a one, because the ending is somewhat surprising, or do you give it a five because of the language, the emotions, the ability to excite, to cry? I liked it and recommend reading and making up your own mind ❤❤
  3. A story about betrayal, deception - and about love. Surprising changes as the story unfolds, but persevere to the end. It's worth it❤❤
  4. If you love that shit gets what he deserves😏😏, in addition to having a backdrop of love😍, you will love this story
  5. Can one love a ghost? - and what will it cost? To find answers, read this entertaining story❤
  6. Sophie348

    The List

    Cooper begins college, and embarks on a journey that takes him from a heterosexual boy to a gay one. Through this experience, in addition to much good sex😎, he gets to know himself, experiences relationships, violations and college politics.
  7. A real adventure, with a bear and a lynx on his life journey. Fantastically written, can literally feel the smells of nature, people and animals
  8. Can You Find Love at a Scout Camp? Follow the fascinating story of Jimbo and Mason on their way to exploring their own love while uncovering the story of Mason's ancestors with long dark shadows from WW II
  9. Lovely, and also a fun, story. A man who find his prince😍.
  10. A lovely story about love in different form and places
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