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  1. Interesting twist - surprised that his mom was out of the picture if she has this strong a bond / connection with Salem. ... look forward to reading about a happier Salem and seeing how he and Johnny’s relationship develops.
  2. A very different read from the other chapters - it’s nice to get more insights into Johnny’s thoughts. Hope he can pull Salem out of his funk once and for all,
  3. I surly didn’t see that coming. Please tell me we won’t end up with a bun in the oven from their fun filled night?? The last thing Robbie needs is more complications in his life. Although, I can imagine the look on Don’s face, which might be worth it....
  4. Sad one this time. I guess they all can’t be uplifting. Well written as always. 😁
  5. Peterlefun


    Another great poem - love the way you write so that it is easy to apply to the readers own life.
  6. Peterlefun

    Failure III

    Another great poem! Keep posting please...
  7. Wow! Salem is certainly fighting some demons. I don’t blame Johnny for running away, but can’t help but worry how Salem is going to cope without his influence.
  8. Peterlefun


    Wow! Great piece of writing and many thanks. I forgive you for making us suffer through all the twists and turns in their relationship before they finally pulled their collective heads out of their butts and made it happen..🙄😁😁.
  9. Very well written and a great spot for an ending. Thanks for the enjoyment!
  10. Peterlefun

    The Gift

    Your poetry is food for the soul. Beautifully written as always,
  11. So happy to see another chapter of Jesse 101!😁. I hope Scottie doesn’t get his heart broken when he realizes what Tristen is up to...
  12. Peterlefun


    Peace... nicely written as always. I found myself reading this a couple times before it sunk in.
  13. Peterlefun

    Chapter 24

    This chapter really underscores the importance of good friends, it’s great to see that Tyler has finally moved on from Alex’s abuse as well.
  14. I sure hope that means Sue put her foot down with Don and he is gone from the house for good, but I have a feeling that it won’t be that easy. I hope Robbie .relaxes and gets to have fun Christmas night...
  15. Awesome - been waiting for this.... 😁😁😃😄I’ll comment again after I read it.
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