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  1. ninecila

    Chapter 18

    I love the story, please keep writing! It is far, far away from being total shit. It is will written with an interesting plot and great pace
  2. ninecila

    Chapter 21

    Might be a Bit extreme, but I am hoping for a slow and painful death for Alex.
  3. ninecila

    Chapter 18

    I knew I didn‘t like Alex - he gave me a bad feeling from the scene in the supermarket and since he is back the impression did not improve it got worse. I hope Tyler notices soon that Alex is bad news and breaks or off before he gets hurt too badly. And I hope he somehow manages to get back in touch with Sean.
  4. ninecila

    Chapter 19

    How could you stop there?! 😡👿
  5. ninecila

    Chapter 3

    Honestly, the nerve Dick has to do something like that....! 🤬🤯 Looking forward is not the right word, but I will be eagerly waiting for the next chapter to see how this continues.
  6. ninecila

    Chapter 12

    One of the best parts of this was them being told about the window - that was hilarious 😂
  7. ninecila

    Chapter 15

    I Rallye am curious Wehre Luca fits into the picture. I can‘t shake the feeling that bei so not directly connected with Stefano, but I have no Idea what bis intentions are.
  8. ninecila

    Chapter 5

    The more I readthemore captivated I become
  9. Happy Birthday to you x2

    Happy birthday dear Ninecila, Happy Birthday to you! Insert music and hugs.

    1. ninecila


      Thank you, lilansui :)

  10. Thanks for continuing 🙂 Great chapter
  11. ninecila


    Love the Story
  12. ninecila

    Chapter 7

    I really like the Plot and think I could get really into this story, but there is one Point that prevents that. The style in which it is written is very confusing to me - I have a really hard Time with keeping apart the different characters without confusing them and also with keeping track of the plot. I keep having the feeling I missed important parts of the plot. I think it would have been nice to have a Little more detailed Info on what happened After the party - it feels ab bit rushed at that part.
  13. ninecila

    New School

    Nice chapter And you did a great Job with the geman translations - did you have German in school? The only thing I would have to criticize is that you are translating too literally sometimes: the best example is the sentence about the focus of the german class - the structure is the same as the english one but this order doesn't make sense in German. And instead of falling in live with s.o., verlieben wir uns in jemanden But as I said before: Overall a great job on the translations and a very nice chapter!
  14. ninecila

    Chapter 11

    And here i was hoping Ezra would finally catch a break.... Poor guy.
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