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  1. tinytoes

    Partner in Crime

    I missed these guys!!
  2. So very very excited! Can't wait to see what the changes will lead to. I'm picturing the traditional hair and the Beta so clearly. Wasn't there another Beta before? The two Betas had a relationship or were in love with each other? What's going on the his sister? OH! More!!!! please?
  3. tinytoes

    Chapter 22

  4. tinytoes

    Chapter 8 - Tanner

    So much going on!! "SQUEE"!! In the immortal words of Miss Sharpay Evans: I. WANT. MORE!
  5. I don't know how I'm gonna wait another week! Lol. Anyone else notice both Jet and April recognize both dads as their dads? Awesome.
  6. Twinsies!! I'm excited for the conclusion and next book.
  7. Wow. I can't imagine my rapist living next door. But if I put that aside, knowing and seeing with my own eyes that the bun in the oven is ok instead of wondering, is just cake. And with Matt having loads if cheddar (I'm hungry), he shouldn't have to work. He can take online classes and help with whatever. Just imagine how this baby will look like his/her two dads! I guess we will learn more about Alex's home situation soon. Excellent chapter!
  8. Oooooo! I love it. I love it. I love it!!! Every one has feels this chapter. Except mother and child. Wonder how they doing by themselves. Staying out of trouble I hope. Probably eating sandwiches since mom can't cook.
  9. tinytoes

    Chapter 7 - Nash

    I have not one doubt. None. 😘
  10. tinytoes

    Chapter 7 - Nash

    Oh my. My my my my my. How long until we learn what Nash is frightened of, exactly? And Rush's mom mystery just in time for Mother's Day! An Escaped Mental Father. Incompetent guards. And Tanner who probably won't do what he should to stay safe...from himself and father n law. Heeheehee. This gonna be good!
  11. tinytoes

    Chapter 4

    I love this story already.
  12. tinytoes

    Devil Spawn

    Kyle is a goof. "I think I can say that Brody is a part of our family". DUH! That's your nephew! And your son his dating his cousin. That is if I understand the relationship of Brody's dad and Kyle's mom correctly... Great chapter. I like Sage.
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