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  1. Had to re-read this chapter. The update notifications sucked me back in!! Lol. Loved this story 😍
  2. With all the updates, should I go ahead and reread it for the fourth time? I'm all set if the answer is YES. Know what? I think I'm just gonna do it anyway.
  3. Worth the Struggle was one of the first stories I read on this site. The very first chapter had me in stitches. This was my family! You made me laugh and cry and laugh in such a wonderful way. Thank you for sharing, caring, and loving us so much that we found we had no choice but to reciprocate. I sincerely pray you make it through this part of your struggle with a better heart, healthier lungs, and a brain that can continue being as creative and sharp as before. We have become recipients of the products that you breathed life to, that your heart pumped beautiful emotions to, that your wicked wit plucked from that head of yours...sigh. I could go on. Just know we are with you during this time, and thank you for sharing with us. ~Chandra
  4. tinytoes


    Wayne Write aka Cliffhanger Harry, this was great. Sticking around for more comments...👀 👀 👀
  5. tinytoes


    Very devious chapter title. Excellent chapter from beginning to end. My face hurts from smiling so long.
  6. tinytoes


    I've said it before and I'll say it again CAN'T WAIT FOR CHAPTER FOUR! 😃
  7. tinytoes

    Character List

    Don't! I am a creepy stalker after all. Maybe I'll pop by for Thanksgiving next month...
  8. tinytoes

    Chapter 14

    Was there any mention of Alex's mom? I read this pretty fast.
  9. Hey, Sweetheart! I wanna know what ya recommend me read on here that I'm not already reading. I'm a bit behind on my GA stuff. So many new stories! 


    1. Wesley8890


      Lets see me and @Bndmetl have a story called Sentinel Oaks.

      Theres a story called TJs journey to Love its got two sequels, TJs Journey to Marriage and  TJs Journey To Recovery. Fair warning marriage gets a bit weird but its exciting so stay with it theyre by @AquariusGuy

      @lomax61 has an awesome story called Any day

      Another interesting one is How I accidentally slept with my... By @Ethan,

      And the other story im reading now is Box of Crackers by @CLJobe,

      @FlyOnTheWall has a great story called Good Night and God Speed, btw have tissues nearby

      Oh and @Laura S. Fox has one called Love, Again


      I think those are all the ones im reading now

    2. tinytoes


      Thanks! You confirmed some for me and a couple I'm already reading. Get moving on the next chapter of S. Oaks, plz. Are you grilling on Labor Day? I may come down there if u are.😋

    3. Wesley8890


      We are working on the new chapter. Ive also got an idea for the new chapter of JAM just a bit nervous about it

      I had totally forgotten about labor day! May throw some steak on the grill. Make my own burgers too. 

  10. That was beautiful! So descriptive. Poor Seer. LOVED IT!!!
  11. tinytoes

    God's Plan

    I knew Sadie would be there! Ryder n Messiah!! Yay.
  12. I missed these guys!!
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