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  1. Hmm. Bad experience building bears? Love this story already. Looking forward to sluppies, too. Maybe Teddy can design a stuffed one for me.
  2. tinytoes

    There Goes My Heart

  3. tinytoes


    Yes! Ready for the next one...
  4. tinytoes

    Nothing but home runs

  5. tinytoes

    Holding Back

    My point exactly!! Lol.
  6. Did NOT see that coming!
  7. tinytoes

    Family Reunion

    Wow. I surely didn't expect Gordy to meet Shane's family like this! Wow! Wait. Did I say that already? Wow! Awesome chapter 😍
  8. tinytoes

    The Letters

    It was a few things, actually. She gave birth to Artie at 18. Adam was kicked out shortly before that. He moved in with Lindsay's family at 16 after arriving in California. The entire story until that one line supports he's a couple years younger. No biggie. Easy fix. Unless what hasn't been posted yet derails it. Then...oops.
  9. tinytoes

    A morning storm

    Same issue as before. Shane needs to explain to Gordy why he feels that way. Just like Donovan had to explain to Shane why his words were hurtful. I say they both earned a strike for this. Excellent chapter. Can't wait for more.
  10. tinytoes

    Home and Gone

    What happened with the Summer Solstice/eclipse? I remember that it would be an issue for Dylan but can't recall what happened.
  11. tinytoes

    The Letters

    I absolutely love this story! One thing, Sadie said he was an older brother. But he was a couple years younger. So maybe he was the bratty baby brother? Ezra!! Where are you?
  12. tinytoes

    Hypothetically, yes

    Kinda. But this one is funnier. November Falls isn't written to be as lighthearted. I love both stories.
  13. tinytoes

    Shane Simpleton and Donovan Difficult

    I think Shane got his point across beautifully and without malice! An adult talks things out, not throw a tantrum, slams doors, and run away. A person can not assume what you're upset about. Ya gotta tell em and Donavan did that perfectly (eventually). I felt it also explained why a woman can call her friend the B word, a black person can call another the N word, etc. A round of applause for these two. They have a ways to go but now they are heading in the right direction.
  14. tinytoes

    A long work week

    I really hope Shane puts Gordy in his place.

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