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  1. Thanks for spending time with Eric. I hope you enjoyed his company.  :) 

  2. JimP

    Chapter 6

    Thank you for writing this. I'm loving this story. Jim
  3. JimP


    This story just gets better and better. Every chapter adds a new dimension to the characters and the story becomes more captivating.
  4. JimP


    I had to chuckle at the end of the chapter when you defined Bougie. Really, you needed to define that? What kind of Wonder White Bread people you think we are reading this? LOL Jim
  5. JimP

    Chapter 4

    Sui, As always I love your writing and this is a very engaging story. What great characters and the story line is very interesting.
  6. This story is interesting. I am glad that you are writing it. As the previous review stated there are a lot of characters and at this point in the story it is difficult to see where you are going with them but that is also what makes it interesting. Keep up the great work!
  7. JimP

    Chapter 11

    Another great story. Thank you for writing it and sharing it.
  8. JimP

    Chapter 4

    Hi Sui, I am really enjoying this story. Please keep it coming! Jim
  9. JimP

    Chapter 9

    Sui, As always the story is great. But your side note, "Side note: In Korea, breakfast is treated like just any other meal. You're likely to find a full course of regular food on the table at a regular Korean home..instead of cheetos, bagels and fried eggs." Cheetos for breakfast? Never. Cold pizza, maybe, but not Cheetos. They are for lunch :-) When I lived in the Philippines, one morning we didn't have rice at breakfast and my house mate got angry because we were having what he called an American style breakfast. As I think about it, I can still remember him ranting that there must be rice at every meal. Just to show what a big jerk I am, that day I went out and and found Cocoa Krispies cereal at an import store and had the house maid serve him that American cold cereal with milk the next morning. I dared him to complained because, after all, it was a rice cereal so he had the rice he insisted upon at breakfast. Thanks for bringing those memories back to me with your side note. :-) Keep up the great work, JIM
  10. JimP

    Chapter 12

    Sui, That was another wonderful story. I hate to see it end but you did end it nicely. I look forward to whatever you have for us next. Jim
  11. JimP

    Chapter 9

    This was a great "feel good" chapter with Hyde and Kazu getting to see each other again. I wonder what kind of plot twist you will have for the next chapter. I'll bet it is something good. No way will you give us 2 "feel good" chapters in a row. Keep 'em coming!!
  12. JimP

    Chapter 2

    These first 2 chapters of this story are very engaging. It will be interesting to see how you develop and grow these characters as the story line progresses.
  13. This story has potential to be a good read. However, some things are detracting from that such as the repeated use of errant instead of errand. There were several other issues in the chapter similar to that one. Also, for some reason the chapter repeated. Both the characters and the plot have the potential to be very good. Perhaps, if you found an editor to assist in correcting the word usage, in correcting the grammer and in developing the characters then the story would rise to a new level.
  14. JimP

    Chapter 12

    Generally, I am not much on writing reviews. I only write a few. Other reviewers always seem so much more insightful and eloquent in their reviews. I tend to use that Like button to express my pleasure with chapters. However, each chapter of this story is more gripping and interesting than the last. It is flawlessly written and the characters have really come to life as the story has progressed. Now, you add a cliff hangar about the glowing blue eyes and what is Ethan really. It is all excellent, just excellent.
  15. JimP

    Chapter 8

    Sui, That was another wonderful chapter. The story gets better with each chapter.
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