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  1. chybrain

    Chapter 10

    Wonderful as always.Thank you. I'm already looking forward to Christmas.
  2. There is something about this Astra Spell. Is it feasible that the use of this spell in the way Havar imagines represents but one of its possibilities and that it can be adapted to other ends, such as annihilating everything that is demonic in nature? And with this accomplished, maybe man will become more human and the Elves cease to suffer from the contact with earth. Anyway — a very nice story and I‘m looking forward to each new chapter.
  3. chybrain

    Chapter 4

    Was there an inkling, that Charles will do a Thomas Morus on Luis and refuse to provide fresh flesh for him?
  4. chybrain

    Spilt Blood

    Finally rescued from withering away with the new story. Just what I thought: the demons are involved in the fray, probably started it, and the incident in the Elven realm nobody wants to talk about is probably a demon incursion.
  5. chybrain

    A New Place 2

    I suppose that the meditation session in Maktar Hall will clear his mind and his emotions and will allow him to re-view the happenings at Victor’s and maybe enlighten him. And maybe he will take a look at the greater picture and the similarities of himself with both Gustav and the obviously old painting of the boy in the tower. And then there was something like a prophecy mentioned. Could it be that Gustav was selected (and maybe manipulated or formed) to become a vampire because of his likeness to Future Chris? Long term plan of the Blood army or even the demons? I expect a lot of revelations to come up.
  6. chybrain

    Winds of Change 1

    A nice Story, but I keep asking me one question: Is there a reason why Chris doesn’t talk about his dreams? I mean, they are not your typical dream — the are recurring and very vivid, and with the happening around the pendant and now the discovery of the book in the real world the most natural thing to do would be for me to talk about this supernatural occurrence with the very experienced and Rather knowledgeable supernatural being I’m obviously in love with.
  7. Double shifters, now that‘s a nice idea. And it opens up new possibilities. Can they have a different gender in their different forms? Will they have different personalities with different mates and thus form mating triads or even polyamorous families? What happens, when one form becomes pregnant and the other maybe a week or a month later also? Or will the pregnancy of one shut down receptivity for the other for the time But then, children might be conceived only in the human form.
  8. chybrain

    Chapter 4

    Hi Palantir, actually 'against' in German is 'wider', but written this way it would be pronounced very differently in English, so the adding of a second 'd' was the sensible thing to do, in order to retain most of the original pronunciation. Thank you for your clarification and this very interesting story.
  9. chybrain

    Chapter 4

    I‘m looking for the meaning of the word Widderkin. Though English isn‘t my native tongue and I certainly don‘t know all the nuances of the language, it doesn‘t seem even remotely English. The word Widder is of German origin an means ram. Rams are rumoured to often favour other rams and to be extremely stubborn. So it is probably one of these two meanings?
  10. Well actually it's fantasy. So everything is imaginable. There isn't anything said about genetics. So one might assume a human half and an "animal" half. Well, the human halves can certainly mix, but the other halves not, as sloth and wolf have incompatible genetics, and so it stands to reason, that the second half is entirely made up from one of the partners, so probably 5 sloths and 5 wolf pups or any other ratio. But being fantasy, hybrids certainly cannot be ruled out, if for instance the "animal" genetics is linked directly with the human genome or part of it, i. e. as underlying and dormant, while in human form. If it is linked to the whole genome, all sluppies will be hybrids, if only to a part, then every ratio is possible. And then there is the possibility of dominant and recessive traits, which might lead to only wolves or only sloths, and the epigenetics … so if I would hazard a guess: everything is possible. 🙂
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