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  1. Dathi

    Chapter 1

    I knew there would not be too long of a delay, low and behold, awsesomeness and bliss! A very interesting premise and I am excited to see how this tale unfolds. Thank you for sharing this tale and well done.
  2. Dathi

    Chapter 13

    An awesome tale thank you. It is far too short for my liking but I understand that a piece of art has a limit. Well done and I have enjoyed reading this tale.
  3. Dathi

    Chapter 1

    As a PERN fan I have enjoyed your short stories and this is looking like being a longer tale I am eager to see where you take it. My only concern is that the estate of Anne Mccaffrey may be unhappy with your writting about PERN. Me, I am all for it very well done so far and I am hoping to see much more. Thank you very much for sharing.
  4. Dathi

    Chapter 14

    Aye give him the old black spot, sort the mongrel out perminantly.
  5. Dathi

    Chapter 14

    What a shame, I was hoping to see a Yard Arm decoration appear beyond the twelve mile mark. Thank you for sharing thsi heart-warming saga.
  6. Dathi

    Flames of Darkness 1

    Oops! Back tp the tower to find more information, this is shaping up to be fun. Thank you for sharing this saga and very well done.
  7. Dathi

    Chapter 11

    Poor Gus LOL that was mean
  8. Fastingabulous! A most excellent chapter, thank you. A well crafted battle scene and a clever way to prevent the other demons from gaining more energy. Well done.
  9. Dathi

    Chapter 37

    We, (well mostly I) am wondering who is beddding down in the garage space? Curious I sense an addition to the number of inhabitants in this here tale. Well potentially anyway! Thank you for sharing this enchanting tale.
  10. Dathi

    Chapter 35

    Happy days ahead, enchanting chapter and it sounded as if the old boat was becoming unseaworthy which could have seriously endangered the lives of the crew. Thank you for sharing your story and well done.
  11. Dathi

    The First General 2

    More like targeted Magnus layered spells geared to demons and their victims only, should be something in the tower that will fit the task at hand.
  12. Dathi

    The First General 2

    The purist Uncle is a moron and should be bannished. The commencement of total war is at hand, no prisoners taken, scorch the earth. Thank you for sharing this tale well done.
  13. Dathi

    Chapter 21

    Monty Python's Parrot skit comes to mind. Awesome story and chapter thank you for sharing.
  14. Dathi

    Chapter 52

    Pickling brine and linament should ease the pain and harden the skin and Antipodean is an awesome word to describe this slice of paradise
  15. Dathi

    Chapter 52

    Don't stop writing but polish and publish for definite. It is good to see you back in the saddle so to speak, continually turning out splended material to keep we, the people entertained. Thank you for sharing and stay safe and be kind in these trying times.
  16. Dathi

    The First General 1

    I was starting to get withdrawal! I am pleased and happy to have this latest chapter in the saga of Chris and Leo. Thank you for sharing this awesome story very well done.
  17. Dathi

    Chapter 22

    A shame it is to see the dreaded word "Complete" appear however like all well crafted tales a conclusion must be reached. Thank you for sharing your story I have enjoyed reading it very much, well done and please be planning another saga for our titilation.
  18. Dathi

    The Summit

    A prepared united front, intelligence gathering, training and equipment aquisition, the "I's" are being dotted and the "T's" crossed. Another most excellent chapter following the standard of those that went before. Very well done and thank you for sharing this wonderous and engaging story.
  19. To arms! Time to fall in the troops and brush up on the casting of lethal killing spell work. Lock the right wing bigot in a room with a mirror and leave him, he'll be happy with that view of reality, should keep him occupied for a century or two. I can see disadvantages to hiding away from the world, it allows unpleasant things to creep in un-noticed which in turn makes erradication and removal that much more difficult. Well done on another riviting chapter and thank you for sharing your wonderful tale/saga.
  20. Dathi

    Chapter 2

    Wonderful tale so far and I am enjoying reading it. Thank you for sharing this tale, very well done.
  21. The story grows in complexity, positive energy and negative energy need to be put in balance because too much of either one is dangerous in the extreme. I am enjoying this story very much, thank you for sharing this tale and very well done.
  22. Dathi

    Titles 2

    The call of jFairground barkers comes to mind "Step up, step up and play the game." Our intrepid prince has done the very act, pressure has forced the rubbish out and left a hard sparkling diamond in its wake. Carpe Deum! Awesome chapter thank you for sharing and very well done.
  23. Dathi

    Titles 1

    Excellent, as well scripted as the preceeding chapters in this tale. Thank you for sharing and stay safe and be kind in these trying times.
  24. Dathi

    Visions 2

    Nicely tidied up chapter, ducks in a row and all that, just in time for the party to head out of the realm. Thank you for sharing your story, very well done and so long as you arein good health and taking care of yourself we can (mumble, grumble, snarl, hiss, spit) accept delays in production of chapters because they are worth the pleasure of reading an extremely well crafted saga.
  25. Dathi

    Visions 1

    It's a viral trap don't do it. Gently eliminate them and mourn them as soldiers lost fighting the enemy. Okay I know I am ruthless however in my defense it is because autors keep finishing chapters with cliffhangers. Who do we think are going to be Chief of Staff and Head of Security? Someone better do some organising because two people are about to have their worlds turned upside down and will need to make arrangements before they start thier new positions. For what it is worth that damn scroll bar reached the bottom far too swiftly for my liking. Thank you for sharing your story and very well done
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