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  1. jamesm

    CoF Ch 7

    I could be wrong but how about going down the road a ways and climbing over the fence? Also, I don't think it was family directly, what about the ones who tried to break in earlier? They might be connected in some way to the family. However, I am sure we will know in good time.
  2. jamesm

    Chapter 49

    After what Granger did for the Tsar before he became the Tsar, I can't believe he would banish Granger & Daventry. I would think that the Tsar would ask them to leave immediately to begin working on the treaty between the two nations. I realize that this would accomplish the same thing but to me 'banish' means he can never go back to Russia. This story just gets better and better.
  3. jamesm

    Switching Places

    And now for the rest of the story's chapters. What about finishing getting the ship ready and finding Thaelin? And what is the ship's name and it's home port? How is Itumak paying for everything he needs? Please don't leave us hanging on the cliff, for if we fall we may not come back at all.
  4. I just finished reading chapter 17 and what a fantastic story. I see that it has been almost 8 years since the last update. Will there be more forth coming? Please don't leave the readers hanging to long on the newspaper article or the virus in her computer in the folder 'Ray and I'.
  5. jamesm

    PS Ch 21

    Another excellent story as usual but at a slightly higher level. I do hope that there is a part two in the near future. Perhaps over in Scotland with Sir Robert and family.
  6. jamesm

    PS Ch 1

    Question? Since Edwin owns Fair Isle, does he have a title? If so could you tell us or must we wait for you to reveal it in one of the chapters?
  7. jamesm

    DA Ch 55 - Callout

    Keep them guessing and they will come back for more.
  8. jamesm

    ADC Chapter 15

    I don't believe that Julia is that mean! I think Devon has more to do with it than is being said, because why else would he ignore the messages and change phone number? I agree completely with chris191070. The man needs help and now Edgar will too. Quokka please don't do away with Edgar as you have in the past. I don't believe I could take anymore young people 's deaths.
  9. jamesm

    ACD Chapter 14

    To me the banning is way too harsh. Plus, Devon didn't ask for an explanation of how it happened. I think Devon needs to see the doctor again. Ignoring the phone calls is another sign of PTSD. His quick to anger is a really big sign. Let them work for Devon on weekends helping the gardener or painting the barn inside and out. I am sure there are a lot of things they could do to pay for the damages. Also, since Devon knows how easy it is to fall in the brook he should have put up a barrier of some type. Therefore he is just as much at fault as the kids. Again I've said it before an
  10. jamesm

    ADC Chapter 13

    If Edgar's streaking is that big of a problem for Devon with guests present why don't he put up a curtain across the hall? That would solve a lot of problems for Devon and if that is the case then why did he tell his brother about it? Something is not right with Devon's thinking. After all his own twin cousins did it around Royalty and nothing has been said about that. Perhaps Edgar needs to get more backbone, otherwise Edgar will be walk on the rest of his life. That said you are still an excellant writer with excellent stories.
  11. jamesm


    R. Eric Are you going to update all the chapters before you continue with this story and the others? I really miss those stories. Thankyou, James M
  12. jamesm

    Chapter 62

    I, also, wish to welcome you back. Perhaps Stef will be able to bring the two brothers together again. If Alex's mother is still alive what will happen to his father?
  13. jamesm

    ADC Chapter 8

    A most excellent story as always. I do hope Eliza and the boys are warned not tell their friends. Also, the staff. I think Devon should sing with the band periodically. When will you be continuing your other unfinished story?
  14. jamesm

    Chapter 15

    How about a Book 2 called The King and his Royal Guard? King Leon, Prince Logan, and their children has a nice ring to it. Castle Arguro could then be used as a new SPOC Headquarters or a home for Gia and her step-mother depending on their involvement in the criminal plot. James M
  15. jamesm

    Oce Chapter 4

    I agree with mikedup. I feel danger ahead for some reason that I can't explain. Quokka you are a fantastic writer and we love all of your stories. I just wish you would have continued some but maybe that is just me.
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