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Man In Motion 5. Chronicles Of An Academic Predator (CAP)

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NOTE:  THIS STORY IS BEING RE-EDITED AND YOU'LL SEE THIS MESSAGE UNTIL THAT'S COMPLETED.  In most cases, I tried to make it read better, but in some cases, I significantly enhanced it.  Updated chapters have names (for example, Chapter 1 is the Super Bowl).

"Man in Motion," follows Be Rad and begins in 1985. To most Americans, 1985 was about the second Reagan term and the economic boom that was following the stagnant 70's. The culture was wrapped up in materialism, so it's no wonder that Madonna's "Material Girl" was popular then. Then there is this parallel culture, the gay culture, reeling from the onslaught of AIDS.

Copyright © 2011 Mark Arbour; All Rights Reserved.

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Before I start...you talked about how Brad and Robbie have a tumultuous relationship and point out Robbie's twisted sexual history. As this story started to play out, especially around chapter 7 when Stefan mentions fisting...I can't help but notice that you've written quite a few guys in this series (not just in the Brad-narrated stories, but before that as well) to have pasts that included sexual crimes done to them.


I'll admit to not being too thrilled when JP was diagnosed as HIV+, and to hoping in the back of my mind that it was a false positive...I didn't expect to see it coming, but I can have wishful thinking, can't I? 0:)


But yeah...reading this seemed like watching a royal extended beating taking place. One bad event after another, all the HIV scares, all the HIV deaths (it seemed like there were as many characters killed off as there would be in a season of 24 :P), and having Robbie locked up and raped in French prison. You really rattled my inner sense of justice with that one. :P (I guessed it was Cambronne behind the whole thing right away once the lawyers suggested a powerful guy pushing it, though. B))


I'd probably rank this as the second heaviest so far, second only to 1968 of course. I have a suspicion that it's not going to get much darker from here on out, though...

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Man oh man is this an epic book in the CAP world; for only being 27 chapters it's intense. Brad has really come in to his own as a person and narrator bringing an aggressive and fun flavor to the series. It also heralds in so many pivotal and wonderful characters, Max (who is adorable and I wish he was straight and real so I could introduce him to my sister), Marcel (whom I seem to be the only one who likes), Lou, Janine (whose name I can't remember how to spell), Darius, JJ, and Will, and some baddies who we shouldn't forget like Jerk and Dr. French Creepy Guy.

Thank you for turning Brad around for me, he's no JP or Stef but he's a worthy narrator. And extra special thanks for not taking JP away, story or not I would be devastated by his loss.


Truly an exceptional series, thanks.

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