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  1. Great start! I wonder what Jordan’s explanation will be for withholding info on his future or possible employment at Brian’s company. Looking forward to seeing how this plays out.
  2. Beautifully written and well worth the read. The story had me guessing until the end, and left me feeling satisfied and happy to have been along for Greg’s tumultuous journey of self discovery.
  3. A superbly written portrayal of the trials and tribulations of a relationship in early adulthood. Realistic, yet engaging — I eagerly awaited each chapter as they came out, and they didn’t disappoint. I’m jealous of the lucky people who can now binge-read this whole story. While @Ethan did a great job with ensuring the story came to a natural and fitting end, I wish these was more, simply because I felt I got to know the characters so well and missed them after the story ended. Here’s hoping there’s a sequel or a spin-off story so we can get more Noah and Jordan!
  4. CscottyCA

    Chapter Thirty-Six

    Great chapter, as always! I love that they’re engaged with a promising future together. As for Noah’s Mom and the epilogue, it depends on how far in the future the epilogue is set. While I would love for Noah’s Mom to have an about-face and fully accept and embrace Noah, I don’t think that’s realistic, at least not in the near future. I can see her coming around over time. In my case, it took years and me having having kids for my mom to embrace my relationship. She had time to come to terms with my being gay, she was unhappy with the distance between us, and she didn’t want to miss out on being a grandma! For Noah’s Mom, she asked for time and I think she truly meant that she needs time to restructure her thinking and perceptions. The pace may be glacial to others, but it can see her getting there in the long run. Plus, it’s clear that her relationship with other family members will be negatively impacted by her behavior towards Noah which will help her see that nobody is better off if she still holds on to her bigotry. How is she going to explain to her grandchildren why she doesn’t love Uncle Noah anymore when everyone else still does? I can see moments like this push her in the right direction. I’m sad to see this story come to an end, but I agree that it feels right to close the book and these two. I do hope to hear more from you in the future!
  5. CscottyCA

    Chapter Thirty-Four

    Great chapter @Ethan looking forward to more (and hoping the story isn’t ending soon!) I was completely hooked all 10k words on pins and needles waiting for these crazy kids to finally admit their feelings for each other. I love the payoff at the end. I agree with @Brokenbind that the next conversation with Brody will be tough. But I’m all honesty, probably shouldn’t be a big surprise. It seems anyone that spends 30 seconds with Noah and Jordan can pick up on their deep connection. Great job, as always. I hope that after this story your muse strikes again and you’ll continue writing. You are very talented!
  6. Don’t mind me, I’m just sharpening my pitchfork....
  7. @Ethan Like others have said, I wouldn’t worry about chapter length. A chapter is done when it’s done, and will be the the length that it is. With a good story (like yours) the readers will stick it out no matter the length. (And there are readers like me who want longer chapters and more often.) So, do your thing. It’s been working so far. As for this chapter...sigh...Noah, Noah, Noah. At first I wanted to throttle some sense into him. But then I realized 1) I’m a pacifist, 2) this is the process he needs to go through. He needs to come to terms with being gay, coming out, and find peace with whatever consequence that results. And while I kept hoping Noah would snap out of it, if he decides to stay with Jordan and stay closeted, he will always default to resenting and blaming Jordan for all the discomfort that the closet brings. Noah is smart enough to have figured this out, and had enough foresight to break things off with Jordan. It was agonizing to read, but I get it. Now Noah just has to realize that the benefits of staying closeted and having his family probably don’t outweigh the cost of a broken heart, lonliness, misery and emotional distance from said family because of fear of them “finding out”. Maybe Noah got to this realization at the end of the chapter (hoping!) but I have a feeling that won’t be the case. Maybe Noah will go home, and after it being super obvious to his family that something is wrong, his siblings will stage an “intervention” and extract the truth out of him. And maybe It turns out his siblings aren’t rabidly homophobic like his mom, and maybe they’ll give Noah enough support that he can come out knowing that he has some family that has his back. He may lose his mom (and dad?) in the short-run, but maybe his siblings can help turn them around. So, yah, still pulling for the HEA even though things looks kind of bleak right now.
  8. CscottyCA

    Chapter Twenty-Six

    Yup, I’m 100% Team Jordan on this one. And while I appreciate @Ethan‘s explication of Noah’s perspective, and I can see how he has valid concerns, his utter disregard for Jordan is disturbing, and doesn’t bode well for their future. When confronted with the possibility of being outed, Noah’s immediate reaction is to throw his relationship with Jordan out the window and blame Jordan for the actions that Noah took? And then, not even consider coming out one day - even years in the future - to give Jordan (and Noah) the hope for a better tomorrow? Not only does that speak volumes about the type of person Noah is, but it shows a lot about how he will handle stressful and difficult situations in their relationship in the future. If I were Jordan, I would seriously take that into consideration when thinking about a long-term relationship with Noah. That said, Jordan and Noah are basically kids. This is their first adult relationship so there is a learning curve. So much growing up to do, and so much to learn about life and what it means to be a good partner. But that’s what I love about this story. It’s a realistic portrayal about falling and being in love, warts and all. I’m still rooting for a HEA with these two. And, selfishly, I’m hoping there’s more drama to come to ensure there’s lots more to read!
  9. CscottyCA

    Chapter 15

    Great chapter. So much happened to move the story along - looking forward to the next installment! I do wonder why, in the conversation about “unsavory places” in Sydney and Melbourne, Mason didn’t ask about places to be careful about for Black people. As a Black American, being a Black person in a predominantly white environment probably would have been forefront on his mind. I’m surprised that race didn’t come up at all in the conversation, save the mention of “ethnic youth”. I’m with @impunity in that I don’t know what that means.
  10. I’m trying to figure out the most optimal way to set my story notifications. I would like to receive a notification when new content to a story I follow is posted. I would like to receive this notification when I log onto the website only, and not receive any emails. I don’t see a “website only” notification setting option available. I had some luck with setting it to “no notifications” — I get an alert of new content for some stories, but not all. I missed some story updates this way. I wouldn’t mind that email notifications so much if I had the option to NOT be notified when there is a comment. Those emails are taking over my inbox. Also, the emailed comment notifications are less useful since it doesn’t specify which story. I follow the comments for some stories, but not all. If I receive an email that a reader has commented on “chapter 25” - I have no clue which of the many stories I follow this is in reference to, unless I link over to the website, which seems like an extra step that I shouldn’t have to make. Sorry for the tangent - I know his last bit is not really a question, but if anyone has any advice on navigating the system, I’m all ears (or eyes, as the case may be.)
  11. CscottyCA

    Black Jack

    I totally had the same thought! Lots of build up to this Okinawa excursion. So there’s gotta be some sort of dramatic payoff, right?
  12. CscottyCA

    Black Jack

    Amazing chapter, @lomax61! Didn’t disappoint. All smiles here Of course, the horn-dog in me wonders how Kennedy got to the big-O in the shower. Did Kieran lend a helping hand? Kieran still seems a bit shy about initiating sex (foreplay- yes, sex - not so much.) Just imagining how that whole thing played out. Plus, I’m a little disappointed that we didn’t the obligatory shower sex scene. I’m holding out for more sexy times between these two, followed by an HEA waaaaay down the line (as in, I hope this story doesn’t end for a while - it’s too good to let go!) Now for the business scheming. I have a feeling Kieran will play a critical role in helping Ned come out on top. (Pun intended.)
  13. CscottyCA

    Captain's Table

    Well, damn. After this chapter, I’m pretty sure I’m Kieran-sexual! The plot thickens. I’m hungry for more. Keep ‘em coming, @lomax61!
  14. CscottyCA

    Shades of Grey

    Great read. The story is developing nicely. Looking forward to more! My guess is that Reagan’s marriage is falling apart (or has already collapsed) and so she’s jealous that her brother is not only in a new relationship, but with a great guy who the family actually likes - even grumpy and distant dad. And I can see @Puppilull‘s point that maybe she’s got the hots for Kieran, too. Kieran has to be careful in navigating family dynamics. The best thing to remember is that he doesn’t get to have an opinion on family matters, but when push comes to shove, he should always be on Kennedy’s side. Ah, the pitfalls of dealing with “in-laws”. I also wonder if Kennedy enjoyed making his family uncomfortable by bringing home his precious companions. I sense he got off a little on watching his family squirm in dealing with people that were so not of their ilk. Kind of an “F-U for shipping me off to boarding school, judging me for being gay, and then not acknowledging my success.” Kieran’s presence kind of upends that, which may force Kennedy to reconsider his approach to his family. Just a thought...
  15. Loved this story - thanks for posting here on GA! It was great to see their HEA years into the future, still in love (with hot sex), and building a family. Looking forward to the spin-off stories, especially the one about Jesse. His character had a lot of opportunity to build a story around. And poor guys needs an HEA, too. I mean, he messed up by leaving Colin, but we all know that relationship was doomed from the start. Great work! Can’t wait to see more!
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