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  1. Epileptic seizure? Isn’t that why Blake started smoking weed in the first place? Fie you @Littlelovestories and your cliffhanger! Good chapter. Can’t wait for the next (soon, right?)
  2. I agree with other comments, hearing Penn’s POV made me kind of sad. He seems lonely and in want of emotional connection, but still trying to move on with his life nonetheless. I’m glad he starting to life for himself and not others. But can I just say that even though I’m still rooting for Nash and Penn to get back together, I actually liked Jason. He seems cool, and a good fit for Penn at the moment. Maybe Jason will get a spin-off story after this one? Also, I may have missed this, but do the Knotts brothers have different mothers? Is this why Penn looks different than his brothers?
  3. CscottyCA

    Of Note

    Yes! I mean, why not? Agreed Yes, I think Corbin needs to be watchful of Hutch. But Corbin is smart. His relationship/issues with Pete is pretty much out in the open by now. Things with David and Chip, however... I suspect Corbin will keep these close to the vest. But I wonder when these entanglements will come to a head. Will it be a choice between Pete (love) vs. David (shaping Corbin’s legacy) vs. Chip (social advancement)? Great chapter @Jwolf Eagerly awaiting the next!
  4. The Knotts seem to have a way of dominating and getting their way, but why are they all the sudden so insistent on Nash socializing with them? I wonder if Penn has a crush on Nash, and the brothers are trying to set them up. They don’t seem too invested in Lee, just focused on Nash. Also, why did Lee bail on Seattle? Does it have something to do with Paul? You have me hooked @Mrsgnomie - looking forward to more!
  5. CscottyCA


    Oops! I meant Jake and Danny (now edited.) That’s what I get commenting while distracted (working, homeschooling - maybe some wine was involved.) Although Kyle and Danny -- now that’s a thought! Kidding.
  6. CscottyCA


    Beautiful chapter. One of your best ones yet I love Jake and Kyle together, especially how Jake helps Kyle to grow as a result of their relationship. Ultimately, however, I don't see this lasting. Once Kyle goes to college, I think the distance will make it hard to maintain the connection. But I see both having been changed for the better after having been together. Kyle learns how to love and open up, and Jake learns that it's worth breaking down walls to truly get to know someone. But again, I could be wrong -- maybe these two will stand the test of time. I think I'm still rooting for Jake and Danny coming together once both have had some life experience. I see Danny maturing, for the better, and be better positioned to be a good partner for Kyle somewhere down the line.
  7. CscottyCA

    Fort McHenry

    Great chapter @jkwsquirrel I really like how the characters are evolving. I'm already starting to miss this story. Any chance this will turn into a multi-part series like W.A.R.? I think it makes sense that Jake and Ryan didn't get back together. Sometimes relationships just don't work out and you just move on. But, I'm glad they were able to stay friends for a bit. I wonder who Ryan will move on with (undoubtedly with some trust issues, courtesy of Jake.) I think I'm still holding out hope for a Jake/Danny pairing. My stance is that Danny is getting a bad rap, and deserves more credit -- he's the only one who has been truly honest -- about himself (inability to commit to Jake), about the longevity of high school relationships, and about his commitment to Jake as a friend. Maybe it's the ultra sex positive part of me, but I don't think there is anything wrong with Danny sleeping around -- so long as all parties are on board. And, he's right, girls do want it just as much as boys. Why not have fun while you're young? I can foresee somewhere down the line, post-high school, post-college, Jake and Danny end up together. It will take Danny getting to the point in his life when he wants something beyond short-term gratification, and realizing that a relationship build on friendship and trust can be beautiful. And, Jake will need to have a better understanding for who is a good match for him, and how to be a good partner -- probably through lots of hits and misses. I don't see Jake/Kyle lasting long, but I think both will learn a lot and benefit from the relationship. That's my prediction, but I have a sinking feeling that @jkwsquirrel will prove me wrong. Bring it on (as in, another chapter!)
  8. CscottyCA


    I agree. Jake should have suffered for longer than 24 hours, especially for the lesson to “stick”. Ryan did come around quickly, and I definitely wonder why, and how he feels like he screwed up, too. Maybe something happened during football camp? Maybe he did something in retaliation against Jake and Danny that he is feeling remorse over? My first reaction is that Ryan is a pushover and forgave Jake too quickly, but then again, he didn’t get back together with Jake, just gave him the option to earn trust back. He definitely earns points in the maturity contest (for now...)
  9. CscottyCA


    I am so surprised at how hard some of you are being on these kids! Yes, Danny and Jake screwed up, but they are kids who aren’t mature enough to truly understand or foresee the ramifications of their actions. Plus, they are young and growing and trying to figure out who they are and what they want in life - add hormones to the mix and you’re bound for some bad decision making. Most of us, especially children, need to learn things the hard way (sometimes the same lesson multiple times.) I feel for Jake. He seeks solace and comfort in his best friend, who he still has feelings for, and things got out of hand. He played with fire and got burned. But at least he owned up to his mistakes and took responsibility. His Mom is right, it’s what he does next that will determine if he’s like his father or not. And, Danny. He’s so confused. I have no doubt that he really loves Jake, and I don’t really blame him for “going for it” when he had the chance. I’d like to say that I would have turned Jake down if faced with the same situation, but I can’t say that my 16-year old horn-dog self would have rejected my best friends/soulmate when the connection and situation was that intense. I think it took having sex with Jake for Danny to truly realize and comes to terms with his feelings for him. Who hasn’t used sex as a way to explore feelings? Yes, timing was bad, but I totally get the motivation. I also don’t blame Danny for sleeping with that girl. What exactly did he do wrong? He’s not in a relationship, he knows there is no hope to start anything with Jake - so why not have some fun with someone else? Exactly how long should he be celibate for it to be acceptable? I don’t think Danny is capable of making a long-term commitment to anyone right now - and probably not for a while. He knows this, so having Jake as a friend while he figures himself out — and, yes, fucks people along the way — is the best situation right now.
  10. My mind immediately went to the possibility that Stephanie was pregnant, too. I tried to do the mental math to see if it could be morning sickness, but then I realized that everyone is different. I experienced mild morning sickness very early on in my pregnancies (like, soon after conception), so it’s a wide range for when it could hit. For what it’s worth, I hope it’s just food poisoning or the flu, and not pregnancy. The last thing Robbie needs to deal with is an unexpected pregnancy. If anything, I hope it’s just a scare which will force Robbie to do some growing up and make better decisions in the future.
  11. CscottyCA

    Band Camp

    Really? Oh man, I was hoping Reilly would be Jake’s unofficial mentor. Reilly is the ideal person to help Jake navigate troubled and confusing times (aka adolescence.) Especially since Reilly did make it through life’s craziness to become a fully functional and successful adult. But that’s the optimist in me. Grown ups in your stories tend to be deeply flawed people who disappoint the kids in their lives (kind of like grown ups in real life!) Regardless, I’m liking the characters in this story so far, so wherever you take them, I’m game for the ride!
  12. CscottyCA

    Cory Arrives

    I’ve been jonesing for a new chapter in this series and was considering re-reading from the beginning to get my fix, but a update/re-write is a better alternative. I like the detail to the characters you added - I can see how it’s a better set-up for future events (if the story still goes in the same direction.) I’m looking forward to more!
  13. CscottyCA

    Chapter 6

    Just started the story and am binge reading to catch up. Great story so far - I look forward to seeing Jarren learn at accept himself and feel comfortable in in his own skin. I foresee a bumpy road for Jarren and Nash, but I think it will be worth the ride. And, I’m loving the MA references, Bay State hospital, MGM casino, Merrimack Valley pipe explosions, etc. But I still can’t find a decent Mexican restaurant here to save my life! (*sigh*) I’m hoping you’ll slip in some ATL references, too. (Great, now I’m craving Peach cobbler...)
  14. CscottyCA

    Chapter 16

    Of course it’s not going to work out. Alex is bad news, but Tyler is too young and inexperienced to see the red flags. He doesn’t yet know that strong feelings for someone does not always mean you’re in love, and it doesn’t always mean that person is a good partner. How many among us have had to learn that lesson the hard way? (Just me?) Great chapter @Jdonley75, and I love the character development, but I can’t wait for Tyler to get past this Alex phase. On to Sean next?
  15. Great start! I wonder what Jordan’s explanation will be for withholding info on his future or possible employment at Brian’s company. Looking forward to seeing how this plays out.
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