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  1. CscottyCA

    The Acquittal

    A wonderful story with well-drawn, multi-dimensional characters. It truly brought home the power and importance of family (blood and chosen), and forgiveness.
  2. CscottyCA

    Chapter 15

    Great chapter. So much happened to move the story along - looking forward to the next installment! I do wonder why, in the conversation about “unsavory places” in Sydney and Melbourne, Mason didn’t ask about places to be careful about for Black people. As a Black American, being a Black person in a predominantly white environment probably would have been forefront on his mind. I’m surprised that race didn’t come up at all in the conversation, save the mention of “ethnic youth”. I’m with @impunity in that I don’t know what that means.
  3. CscottyCA

    How do I set my story notifications?

    I’m trying to figure out the most optimal way to set my story notifications. I would like to receive a notification when new content to a story I follow is posted. I would like to receive this notification when I log onto the website only, and not receive any emails. I don’t see a “website only” notification setting option available. I had some luck with setting it to “no notifications” — I get an alert of new content for some stories, but not all. I missed some story updates this way. I wouldn’t mind that email notifications so much if I had the option to NOT be notified when there is a comment. Those emails are taking over my inbox. Also, the emailed comment notifications are less useful since it doesn’t specify which story. I follow the comments for some stories, but not all. If I receive an email that a reader has commented on “chapter 25” - I have no clue which of the many stories I follow this is in reference to, unless I link over to the website, which seems like an extra step that I shouldn’t have to make. Sorry for the tangent - I know his last bit is not really a question, but if anyone has any advice on navigating the system, I’m all ears (or eyes, as the case may be.)
  4. CscottyCA

    Black Jack

    I totally had the same thought! Lots of build up to this Okinawa excursion. So there’s gotta be some sort of dramatic payoff, right?
  5. CscottyCA

    Black Jack

    Amazing chapter, @lomax61! Didn’t disappoint. All smiles here Of course, the horn-dog in me wonders how Kennedy got to the big-O in the shower. Did Kieran lend a helping hand? Kieran still seems a bit shy about initiating sex (foreplay- yes, sex - not so much.) Just imagining how that whole thing played out. Plus, I’m a little disappointed that we didn’t the obligatory shower sex scene. I’m holding out for more sexy times between these two, followed by an HEA waaaaay down the line (as in, I hope this story doesn’t end for a while - it’s too good to let go!) Now for the business scheming. I have a feeling Kieran will play a critical role in helping Ned come out on top. (Pun intended.)
  6. CscottyCA

    Captain's Table

    Well, damn. After this chapter, I’m pretty sure I’m Kieran-sexual! The plot thickens. I’m hungry for more. Keep ‘em coming, @lomax61!
  7. CscottyCA

    Shades of Grey

    Great read. The story is developing nicely. Looking forward to more! My guess is that Reagan’s marriage is falling apart (or has already collapsed) and so she’s jealous that her brother is not only in a new relationship, but with a great guy who the family actually likes - even grumpy and distant dad. And I can see @Puppilull‘s point that maybe she’s got the hots for Kieran, too. Kieran has to be careful in navigating family dynamics. The best thing to remember is that he doesn’t get to have an opinion on family matters, but when push comes to shove, he should always be on Kennedy’s side. Ah, the pitfalls of dealing with “in-laws”. I also wonder if Kennedy enjoyed making his family uncomfortable by bringing home his precious companions. I sense he got off a little on watching his family squirm in dealing with people that were so not of their ilk. Kind of an “F-U for shipping me off to boarding school, judging me for being gay, and then not acknowledging my success.” Kieran’s presence kind of upends that, which may force Kennedy to reconsider his approach to his family. Just a thought...
  8. CscottyCA

    Chapter 11 - Conclusion and Epilogue

    Loved this story - thanks for posting here on GA! It was great to see their HEA years into the future, still in love (with hot sex), and building a family. Looking forward to the spin-off stories, especially the one about Jesse. His character had a lot of opportunity to build a story around. And poor guys needs an HEA, too. I mean, he messed up by leaving Colin, but we all know that relationship was doomed from the start. Great work! Can’t wait to see more!
  9. CscottyCA

    Hobson's Choice

    Great story, great chapter. I’m already hooked. feel free to post new chapters early and often! Sloan is a snake, so it’s just a matter of figuring out what he’s up to. I wonder if he HEA of the story ends up with Kieran getting a job with Kennedy’s company.... Love the chemistry between Key and Ned. They keep each other in their toes, yet entertained. I look forward to how the vacation goes. I have a feeling the trip will be a stress test on kieran’s “straightness”. Should be fun to watch unfold!
  10. I’m still Team Jesse mainly because he and Colin seem so great together. Plus, I agree with @sef that Jesse is a great first boyfriend, and at the outset Charlie was def not boyfriend material. But Charlie’s stock is rising and I’m pretty sure I’ll be Team Charlie pretty soon now that he’s being more introspective and thoughtful. But @FanLit has a point - what happens when Charlie finds out who Colin really is? Oh, favorite scene - when Charlie surprised Colin with the tricked out stereo system for his birthday. It was so sweet. Shows just how loving Charlie can be.
  11. CscottyCA

    Sophomore Year - Chapter 9

    Thanks for another great chapter @oat327! You truly capture the exquisite pain of trying to get over while holding on to your first love. I feel for Adam/Peter as he grapples with nursing his wounds and being deeply closeted, and coming to realize that being closeted was a big contributor to the demise of his relationship with Kevin. I also like Uncle Peter as a glimpse into the possible future of someone who has not come to terms with himself and his shortcomings. I could easily see Adam/Peter’s dry, witty humor morph into caustic bitterness if he continues to hide from himself and further distance himself from those who could or do care about him. That said, I can totally see why Adam/Peter has not come out, given his family and circumstances. Maybe he and Luke could be kindred spirits in this regard. Adam/Peter definitely needs someone he can freely talk to about what’s really going on. Maybe a nice rebound/F-Buddy is just what is needed.
  12. CscottyCA

    Chapter 24

    Just started reading this gem of a story. It’s a great read, and I look forward to binge reading to get caught up. So, one of my all-time favorite passages was: “I’d heard of people having a sex voice, but this was like a dangerous, rough, kinky-sex voice. I could admit it was pretty damn yummy in an oh-shit-I’m-going-to-need-a-safeword kind of way.” Love it!
  13. CscottyCA

    Another Day at the Park

    Thank you for this wonderful story, and this great series! I am going to miss Billy, Brett, and the other Mon Valley gang - you did such a great job in creating a world with believable, and yes, flawed characters, that it feels like a little loss to see the series come to and end. I still have so many questions about what happened in the 10 years between where the story ends and when Billy and Brett marry - what did the boys pursue for careers? How does Billy learn to manage his Aspergers through college and adulthood? Or Brett his dyslexia? Where do they live? What happened to Dustin? Sarah Taylor? But, it’s been nearly two years of generating this story (thanks for sticking with it and posting regularly), I can see why it’s time to move on. I hope we get a chance to hear more from you in the future. You are a talented writer!
  14. CscottyCA

    Chapter 4

    Another great chapter. Kudos to Connor for making a commitment to taking things slowly and sticking to it. No one ever said making good choices as a parent was going to be easy... Enjoy your time off the grid @Sam Wyer Does this mean we’ll get a double chapter when you return?
  15. CscottyCA

    Chapter 3

    Great chapter! It seems Connor has the green light from Joel to pursue a relationship, or at least dating. But I’m glad to hear that Leon is his #1 priority. Let’s hope he maintains that perspective as he’s faced with the chance to end a 6 (plus) month long celibacy... It’s a o dismaying to hear that Connor doesn’t have the support of his family. That makes single parenthood so much harder. I’m hoping he starts to build a support network. It’s natural to create that network with fellow parents, but that can be challenging if he has trouble relating them. Not sure if your typical parent would consider a 22-year old gay male a “peer”. But I’m sure there’s a few if he keeps at it. Looking foward to seeing how the story evolves!

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