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  1. azaroth

    Soul Mates

    Awesome chapter! I love how all four of them are growing. Are we going to see the next one soon??!
  2. Happy Birthday, Azaroth!

    1. azaroth


      Thanks drew! :D

  3. Happy Birthday!

    1. azaroth


      Thanks Dave :)

  4. Happy Birthday!

    1. azaroth


      Thanks so much!! :)

  5. azaroth

    WSD Chapter 11

    His actual age is supposed to be 23 then I would presume?
  6. azaroth

    WSD Chapter 11

    The morning on the train Grant called Lloyd 13
  7. azaroth

    Chapter 1: The Train

    Intriguing start! Can't wait to see where it goes from here.
  8. azaroth

    Chapter 8

    You really know how to leave us hanging! Another fantastic chapter and its good to see that Ryan has figured out what he is feeling. Can't wait to read more.
  9. azaroth

    Chapter 4

    Well hot damn.... I don't even know how to react such an amazing chapter! Lisa had it correct when she said your attention to detail in fantastic. Amazing chapter!
  10. Glad I could be of service somehow. I agree with Valkyrie on this one; the pictures were a major help. Thanks Hudson!
  11. azaroth

    Chapter 3

    Fantastic chapter once again. Being introduced to the academic side of Ryan was awesome. Now that you've got me hooked I can't wait to see what happens next! On a side note, is anyone else having trouble picturing the tattoo?
  12. 2 days off this week. What do i do? spend 10 hours each day at school...

    1. Lux Apollo

      Lux Apollo

      Hmm... well, I don't know what you did today, but tomorrow? Hmm... I keep wanting to say something about climbing, but the weather isn't exactly conducive.

    2. azaroth


      I worked lol. 12 hours each of monday tuesday, friday, today and tomorrow too :/

    3. Lux Apollo

      Lux Apollo

      At least you get paid, yes? :-/

  13. azaroth

    only 15 lbs of gear on the harness....

    Always! Theres nothing quite like the feeling of being out on the rock!
  14. azaroth


    Bunch of random pics including profile pictures

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