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  1. ZephyrSky


    RECLAMATION We rushed through youth The two of us In our headlong experimentation With cigarettes and sex – Not always in that order. We built so many monuments from moments, Certain of our immortality, Our invincible alliance, Never considering time’s cruel sport Of divergences and rust. From castle construction In sand and clouds, To midnight fevers, Hands held and gave; You were the lighthouse Of childhood, Intrepid explorer Of the undergrowth, Keeper of contraband And blue-streaked pillow talk. Even now that Years have eroded The rock face of us, And the mapless voyage Of life has begun to pall, You’re a ghost That ignores my visiting hours, You haunt unbidden Even as Lethe empties into my mind: A fracturing delta of misplaced letters, Of broken toys and birthday cards. I’m unable to stop waging this war Against forgetting And letting go. There’s no escaping you – Co-author of my first five acts; No avoiding The background certainty, A physical constant, That I’m forever mere moments from Waking from this sleepwalk Into the forgotten and the lost, Years slipping blank, To find you Where you sit, ready To resume After so long waiting Beside the point.
  2. Happy Birthday. God bless. Been a while since I saw your poetry... anything new?

    1. ZephyrSky


      Hey there and thank you!


      Sorry I've been MIA these past couple of months. It's been busy and rough. My grandma passed away and work has been insane.


      I've written some stuff that I'll post over the next couple of days.


      Nice to come back and hear from you.


      Take care.

    2. asamvav111


      Sorry to hear about your Grandma. God rest her soul. Will love to read more of you. Please take care. Hugs.

  3. Hope to see you back soon - we need more of us Aesthetic Junkies around here :)

  4. ZephyrSky

    Face 2 Face

    Lovely chapter. I am Team Ryan all the way, though.
  5. Oh my god, that is everything! lol Hearing Sir David say "hashtag flip phone"... Life's complete. Side-note: that presenter is cute.
  6. Watching his shows as a kid was one of the reasons I ended up studying zoology. Love his work and he comes across as such a lovely person as well. Much respect.
  7. I'll third it. All the way! Jensen is annoyingly perfect. Hot, funny, charming, multi-talented... Hog all the best spots in the gene pool, why doesn't he just?
  8. ZephyrSky

    Two Boys

    Thank you, AC. I was kind of going for moving from an initial state of lust to the realisation that there's more between them than a physical blowing off of, er, steam. But maybe that is too much to do in one poem. As soon as I completed it I thought it might actually work better if I expand it into a short story. I'll see if that goes anywhere. Thanks again for dropping me a review and being specific about what you liked and what irked you. That's what I need to hear.
  9. ZephyrSky

    Two Boys

    TWO BOYS the last school bell echoes down the halls (with predictable jubilation from the manumitted slaves of algebra and syntax) and in two eleventh-grade boys there races a chemical domino cascade of lust down their veins the boys meet at the gate shake hands platonically with careful smiles betraying nothing but friendship; they begin to wind a path through the teeming press of bodies (the distance of friendship strictly managed) past the whirl of impromptu street corner symposia and smokers punishing their lungs behind the bus shelter delicate negotiation is essential to avoid the traps and land mines of selective intimacy, out of habit the red-cheeked discussion starts with an innocent observation agreement question answer chuckle another question another answer a laugh etc., as the two finally reach their target (the blonde one’s home) a parentless home still inexplicably has an undiminished parental authority and an accusatory knowledge in absentia of what takes place in the son’s room when the door closes, and it takes a minute or two for both boys to push to the back of their minds the feeling of all-seeing window-eyes and brick-brain memory and door-wide mouths of betrayal tired clothes fall in islands heaped on the carpet, exposed bodies, the intimate details: freckles on shoulders, the birthmark on the hip, the whisper of light hair shooting roots through the innocence of flesh on the brink of adulthood knocking on the door of sin the thought of forbidden entanglement, the adhesive of naked sweat accelerates the pulses of the young men, old boys, and any other thoughts that belong to the land of the dressed drifts like flotsam to immediate forgetting, the world fades to an abstract concept; it’s only this moment, this reality, the negotiation of intimacy the merging of the physical the touch and taste of slick skin sinking in passion into the moment in each other’s bodies white wet sigh: universal note of contentment lazily carried on the crest of air two lives constrict to the same thoughts: I could hand my entire life over to this sensation this feeling this body next to mine, on mine, under mine, in mine, these hands, arms and legs this neck, back and mouth I could just stay here like this…. let these perfect emotions wash over, down, me and drown in a flood of ineffable pleasure the crowds can cast stones, set fire to stakes, paint a target between my eyes, fix me with glares that spit poison, sling words like weapons, summon all the powers and principalities of Heaven and of Hell, and surround our Jericho with their trumpets nothing matters except this breathless marriage, this person and this body that became my fortress and my reason we’ll make love in my room in his room under the stars without permission
  10. Cover me with blushes, why don't you? Thank you so much.
  11. Thanks, asamvav111. Appreciate it.
  12. Cool, Emi. Thanks again. I'm trying to get a story off the ground now. Got the outline more or less done, some scenes are ready and characters are waiting in the wings, now I just need to get through the first draft -- also known as Hell. We shall overcome...
  13. I so appreciate the feedback and the kind remarks, AC and Eminent. Thank you very much.
  14. Thank you, Ashi. Much appreciated.
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