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  1. Anubis Lichlore

    Chapter 18

    Cute couples all the way and why I am not surprise about wolf blood. ;-; Keep up an keep on writing this lovey story ❣️
  2. Anubis Lichlore

    Chapter 7 - Better Think Twice

    About time someone put Dega in rightful place with evil mind pack.
  3. Anubis Lichlore

    Family Issues

    Found this when I ran out of something to reads, saw this with “ Dark days story” on front and had to read it. Good god, I really enjoy it and couldn’t wait for the part 2 come out if brainstorm ended 😛
  4. Anubis Lichlore

    Chapter 13.3

    Love this story from chapter 1, it never ending cute and sweet. Can’t wait for next chapter and keep going
  5. Anubis Lichlore

    Chapter 13 - No More Mr. Nice Sloth

    Ahhh, good old family intervention until topic of pregnancy like slapping them in the face with a wrench.
  6. Anubis Lichlore

    Chapter 11 - Slothitude

    Well, at least Walker’s pack would happy long as he get a pups. Maybe not the way they wanted but hey slopups!
  7. Anubis Lichlore

    Chapter 9 - Slothie Goodness

    That one heck of pay back for drinking some else coffee.
  8. Anubis Lichlore

    Chapter 5 - Family is in Town

    Woot, you are back and still make good story! Keep it up.
  9. Anubis Lichlore

    Chapter 7 - How slow do you go?

    Oh great, More lovely day to start to no end. Keep it up
  10. Anubis Lichlore

    Chapter 4 - Not speedy speed dating

    That one way to end slow date dinner and lit mother day up once she wake up.
  11. Anubis Lichlore

    Chapter 2 - Slowly realizing things

    Good lord, this story is fill with goodness and keep it up.
  12. Anubis Lichlore

    Chapter 4 - Tired much?

    Uh-oh, trouble is about to happen. Love the story and keep it up
  13. Anubis Lichlore

    Chapter 2 - Ouch that's painful

    Love the story but didn’t expecting pup being born at the end.
  14. Anubis Lichlore

    Chapter 2.1

    Enjoying reading this and I keep rereading all chars few time. Love your story and keep it up👍
  15. Anubis Lichlore

    Chapter 7

    I do enjoy this story as well, keep it up.

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