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  1. Snowblind

    COVID is just the Flu!

    I agree about the people who equate this to the flu. I've chatted with a couple of dozen people on line about their experiences with it as well as knowing a couple of others. Never seen, heard or read about anything like this virus before. One person gets the sniffles while the next needs a heart transplant after coming out of ICU. A friend of mine who is recovering is mid 70s and described parts of it like you did while saying he'd rather get covered in agent orange again. He's doing quite well now, tired but doing much better. Strength to you
  2. Do you meditate? I've written a couple of stories on another site and when the characters voices became quiet I would meditate. You don't need to start like I do with smudging (cedar, sweet grass, sage) but I first spend time clearing the mind. May take a couple of tries but then once cleared I created a campfire in my mind. Sitting there, I invited my characters to join me where we talked about many things. I've been very fortunate in that my characters dictated a couple of stories to me, I just typed. There was a suggestion previously to write down columns with various types of statements w
  3. Do whatever you would like to the information in the post. The more who see it, the better hopefully.
  4. I didn't know if this is appropriate, but it's New Years. The last couple of weeks may have been difficult for many people, especially members of the LGBTQ2 community. But I've also been reading in the media the amount people, of all ages attempting or committing suicide this year. It saddens me but I need to remind myself that I'm a survivor from an attempt this year. If you're in trouble, reach out to someone, anyone, or call one of the numbers below. I spent 32 years as a police officer and then paramedic, helping the people who needed it or taking care of them after the act. I learned the
  5. Wow. Watched the videos and Paris seems like such a down to earth young man.
  6. LOL I could just see them out here, with long extension cords.
  7. It took me a while to find this picture from my younger days.
  8. Happy birthday! I can't make any rude cracks about birch bark birth certificates or even stone tablet driver's license because there is very little age difference between you and me. What I will do is to chant and prayer for you to celebrate another chapter of your life to have health, positive hope, unlimited happiness and love. Happy Birthday.
  9. Studebaker was years ahead of themselves as well. Dad had worked for them
  10. I've read the series, and the stories are a good length but am now listening to them in my truck as I'm driving. Well researched well written. Jane Auel Earths Children Series, starting with the Clan of the Cave Bear. "A five-year-old girl, Ayla, who readers come to understand is Cro-Magnon, is orphaned and left homeless by an earthquake that destroys her family's camp. She wanders aimlessly, naked and unable to feed herself, for several days. Having been attacked and nearly killed by a cave lion and suffering from starvation, exhaustion, and infection of her wounds, she collapses, on th
  11. Looks like something which should have a wind up key on the top. No problem with electric, this is not a mustang. This is a hockey mom SUV look.
  12. I haven't published here, but I have on other sites. I got encouragement from some very talented people who to this day, I still believe are on drugs. I honestly was suspicious of the compliments, and my joining one site was described as 'being dragged over kicking and screaming.' Since them, I've written a couple of stories. I have problems writing, something which I had all through school. The only things I could write now were memos, policy, legal documents and training materials. My constructive grammar still sucks and that fear really holds me back from writing. I have been taking a brea
  13. If you are on twitter, J. Michael Straczynski is on there, and does some posting. @straczynski
  14. One series I've read which was incredible is Earth's Children by Jean M. Auel. It starts with The Clan of the Cave Bear then continues onto The Valley of Horses The Mammoth Hunters The Plains of Passage The Shelters of Stone The Land of Painted Caves https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Earth's_Children https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/the-earths-children-series-6-book-bundle-jean-m-auel/1114193026
  15. I remember very vividly watching all the live broadcasts on the Apollo missions. We had two TV's in the house. One was a black & white portable Philco tv and the other one was a black and white Zenith TV on 4 legs. The old Zenith was in the family room, basement. I sat and watched Neil Armstrong step onto the moon on the big Zenith. Amazing how conspiracy theorists years later can question a historical event such as this.
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