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  1. frigidjason

    Chapter 21

    I am no good at writing, my skills therein are no good. Your tale/story was awesome in my opinion. Thanks for sharing it.
  2. frigidjason

    Chapter 14

    Your writing and story get better each chapter Keep up with the good work. Thanks for sharing with us
  3. frigidjason

    Chapter 10

    Very very sad.
  4. frigidjason

    Chapter 8

    The plot thickens...... Keep writing , the story improves each chapter.
  5. frigidjason

    Chapter 5

    Glad to see the two boys know about each other. Thanks for sharing your writing, enjoying the pace of the story and the lingo.
  6. frigidjason

    Chapter Twenty-One

    Perfect chapter ending, love reading this story. Thanks for writing it.
  7. frigidjason

    Chapter Seventeen

    Ditto Superbly written thus far, cannot wait for more.
  8. frigidjason

    Three Things

    I agree, perfectly written.
  9. frigidjason

    Chapter Twelve

    Took a few long awaited kisses but the penny finally dropped, they both deserve the best. Love the story keep typing away...... hopefully few cliffhangers and some twists to come.
  10. frigidjason

    Chapter Ten

    Absolutely wonderful cliffhanger Next few lines better be good .......
  11. frigidjason

    Chapter Nine

    Brilliant chapter, keep up the excellent writing. I check everyday for an update on this story.
  12. frigidjason

    Chapter Eight

    Poor Noah, Jordan always pops up at the lip lock moment.😀 No peace , or is it fate...... 🤣🤣 Perhaps Jordan should follow his heart ❤️💋
  13. frigidjason

    Chapter Six

    Vice Versa perhaps...
  14. frigidjason

    Chapter Four

    Sebastian smells a rat me thinks. Great writing, keep it up
  15. frigidjason


    Took long enough, and went more smoothly than your business merger Kennedy. There are some bedrooms needing the kids which may cause some teething issues. Kieren arriving has made it home too. Life is good

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