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  1. My heart goes out to Reinard 🥺. Loving the updates ❤️
  2. New reader just started today. Loving the story line; Captivated since the first chapter. I am a bit confused regarding chain of events so far. Not sure why Ryan is still wondering whether or not Chris is manipulative considering he just found out that his mom has been and has to sleep with him in order for Ryan to keep his contract; which is what led to him trying to take his life at the train station. Just dont understand why he would still trust Chris and questions Jasper's loyalty versus Christopher's considering recent revelations. On to the next chapter I go 😊 thanks for posting!
  3. Lovely chapter, can't wait to see how this new turn of events unravel. I'm guessing shapeshifting at this point, so looking forward to seeing how the plot plays out. Thanks for another great chapter! Love getting updates on Larry and his slups. Cheers 😊
  4. mally

    Chapter 83

    For some reason, it won't let me like the chapter. Another wonderful update. The Captain certainly proved his loyalty and position once again; especially with the legal jargon and his knowledge of his rights. Dont even get me started on Danie, he was certainly on fire this chapter. That simple statement he made was enough to give me chills. Way to go Danie!! Just figured out I can't like comments either 😞😤 Thanks for another wonderful chapter. Cheers 😊
  5. mally

    Queen of Alduin

    Such a wonderfully told storyline. Thank you
  6. mally

    Chapter 57

    It just keeps getting better, so many doors now being opened as the plot thickens. Cheers 😊
  7. mally

    Chapter 56

    Okay, okay, okay I so was not expecting that...so that's what kohen was supposed to be, never would've guessed. Nice little twist, keep em coming! Cheers 😊
  8. mally


    I have nothing but love for this chapter...it was just...I dont even have the words. Thank you.
  9. The closer I got to the end of this chapter the more I was expecting it, and mark sealed the deal for me. I kept stopping and looking at the little slider bar to my right to see how close i am to the end. I knew it was gonna be a cliffhanger and i prepared myself for it...but damn. That was something else. My heart is thumping as if I just rode a rollercoaster. Can't wait to see what the next chapter has in store for us. Cheers Laura 😀💕
  10. mally

    Chapter 13.3

    Well that's one way to tell him lol. Thanks for the update. Cheers 😀
  11. mally

    The Fixer-Upper

    Maybe it's just me, but even though the chapter was great and they communicated well throughout, I am still left feeling like its incomplete. For the obvious reasons lolz as there is still a lot of mystery to unravel. But this chapter had a strong undertone of grief and longing. So even though it ended well all my emotions are focused on Carter's unfulfilment. Looking forward to more as the plot thickens. Cheers 😊
  12. mally


    Did a little happy dance when I got this notification. Great chapter, loved that we got some more insight into what his grandfather was doing. Still waiting for a few things to unfold so definitely looking forward to more. Cheers 😊 Ohh and super excited to see Torsten's reaction too 😁
  13. mally

    A morning storm

    I love that this chapter is shedding light on a few issues that we face today. Not everyone is okay being woken up with sex, whether already involved or not. Past experiences have a major impact especially past trauma, as to what we deem acceptable and what it not. I would react like Shane in this situation, hehe minus the getting to completion lol and just because someone is big and strong does not mean that they haven't suffered hardships such as sexual abuse. I know they will work it out as they are just learning the do's and dont's when it comes to comfort levels for each of them individually. Looking forward to more. Cheers 😊
  14. mally

    Chapter 50

    Great to see them growing closer, still looking forward for more as the plot continues to unfold. Cheers 😊
  15. I literally fell off my couch laughing when svara licked his a**. I was not expecting that, but it sounds like they're about to have a world of fun 😉😋 always enjoy when you update, this chapter had me cackling lol. Cheers 😊😁
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